Wake Up!!!!

Welcome to Realizethelies. We are here as an independent alternative to the controlled propaganda of the mainstream media. This Blog was created as a companion site to our Blog Talk Radio Show, Critical Convo.

This page and our show, was created through our inspiration and belief in the need for an alternative view to the mainstream, officially sanctioned worldview that is manufactured and sold to the masses.

Our show and page may be new to the “Alternative Media” scene. We however are not, For us it was time to stop being spectators and idle passer by’s. This is our time and place to speak up, share our views, ideas, and analysis on the state of world around us. The same goes for any and all who are reading this or listening to our show, become a part of the solution. It’s easy enough to listen, watch and receive the information that’s constantly being aimed at you. It’s a whole other step to take to get involved, and speak your voice.

So please listen in , look sharp, and pull the wool away from your eye’s.