Paint the target
We don’t need no evidence
Flood the market
We do it all in self defense
You’re a smart kid
Never work without your gloves
If you’re a smart kid
You’ll stay the hell away from love

And if it comes to murder
Don’t tell and we won’t ask you how
You sleep at night when the lights go out
And you’re all alone
With all the ghosts of lesser humans
Whose lives you’ve spilt to suit your own

Sit and think of
All the dollars and the cents
And your blue blood
You’ll see it all makes perfect sense
Drink from this cup
A better life awaits us all
You’re one of us
Remember conscience comes before the fall

Your actions all are justified

Cause it’s need to know
We don’t need to know

Don’t we all know life is sacred?
Don’t we all know we bleed the same red blood?