More Fake Terror, to get you shaking in your boots

A 29-year-old Moroccan man was arrested on Friday in an FBI sting operation near the U.S. Capitol while planning to detonate what police said he thought were live explosives.

Amine El Khalifi of Alexandria, Virginia, was taken into custody a year after the FBI received a tip from an informant fearful of his anti-U.S. attitude. Authorities immediately began tracking the suspect.

He was eventually arrested with a fake gun and explosives given to him by undercover FBI agents he believed were al-Qaeda members.

So there you have it folks, Another Patsy set up, to claim another “victory” in the “War on Terror”. See are’nt you glad you gave up your freedoms through the Patriot Act, and The NDAA, so the FBI can keep you safe from Terrorists that they set up in the first place?

Not to worry this was’nt the first case and wont be the last as you can see here

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