Obama heckled over Iran war threat

Worry about a possible Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities — and perhaps U.S. involvement in another war — boiled over last night at one of President Obama’s fundraisers.

“Use your leadership!” a woman yelled at Obama. “No war in Iran!”

“Nobody has announced a war, young lady,” Obama responded to applause.

“But we appreciate your sentiment,” the president added. “You’re jumping the gun a little bit there.”

So Basically he’s not denying the inevitable, and he’s not denying that it’s not part of the agenda either. All this talk about “leading through our moral example” is a smokescreen, spouting off the plattitudes of “democracy” while your freedoms are slowly taken away here from under your nose. This guy is a slick talking snakeoil salesman, but at least he’s honest here saying that this lady is “jumping the gun”. There’s no War in Iran….At least not yet