The Pentagon’s ’freakily fast’ robo-cheetah

Well The boys at DARPA, are at it again, creating the newest technological nightmares. Not only does the future of your country hold skies being patrolled by AI controlled Predator drones. But now you ‘ll have Robotic cheeta’s chasing and taking down any would be “Runners”.

the newest animal-inspired robot sponsored by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) takes its cues from a much faster beast: The cheetah. Built by robotics firm Boston Dynamics, robo-cheetah just set a new speed record for multi-legged robots, clocking in at 18 miles per hour. The machine’s cat-like spine actually flexes and extends to maximize the robot’s stride, and the galloping machine is “constantly tipping forward, falling and regaining equilibrium with every step” — just like real animals. Soon, robo-cheetah will be “running much faster and outdoors,” says Boston Dynamics’ Alfred Rizzi. “We really want to understand the limits of what is possible for fast-moving robots.”