The Man machines?

Scientists develop plastic skin that Bleeds red liquid – and can even heal itself

Robots that ‘bleed’ like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator have come one step closer to reality.
Scientists have created a plastic ‘skin’ that oozes red blood when cut.
It can also ‘heal’ itself, building tiny molecular bridges inside in response to damage.

the idea is that the ‘skin’ can warn engineers that a structure such as an aicraft wing has been damaged.

The material could provide self-healing surfaces for a multitude of products ranging from mobile phones and laptops to cars, say researchers.

When cut, the plastic turns from clear to red along the line of the damage, mimicking what happens to skin.

So what is the real purpose behind developing something like this? Obviously it’s to be used as a Bio-Robotic protective covering. Am I the only whackjob who feels like there is a seperate robotic race being built for the future? A New Man, completley programmable and Remotley Controllable.

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