Russian project aims to transplant a human brain into a ‘Davros’-style robot body within 10 years

Aims to ‘transplant’ human mind into robot body in 10 years

Human minds could be downloaded into robots within 10 years, allowing human beings to ‘live forever’, says the Russian entrepreneur who heads a hi-tech research project called ‘Avatar’.

Itskov, a media entrepreneur, claims to have hired 30 scientists to reach this goal – and is now looking for other scientists to help with the project.

‘This project is leading down the road to immortality,’ says Itskov. “A person with a perfect Avatar will be able to remain part of society. People don’t want to die.”
Itskov envisages surgically ‘transplanting’ a human consciousness into a robot body within 10 years.
He hopes to then ‘upload’ minds without surgery, leaving human bodies as empty husks as their owners ‘live on’ inside robots.‘The next effort of science will be to create a new body for the human being,’ says Itskov, speaking at the Global Future 2045 conference. ‘It will have a perfect brain-machine interface to allow control and a human brain life support system so the brain can survive outside the body.’

Itskov says he wants to work with DARPA – the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency in the U.S military.

DARPA is already researching ways for its troops to use their minds to remotely control androids who will take human soldiers’ place on the battlefield.
The Pentagon’s hi-tech research arm, has earmarked $7million for research into the project, also nicknamed Avatar.
According to the Darpa’s 2013 budget: ‘The Avatar program will develop interfaces and algorithms to enable a soldier to effectively partner with a semi-autonomous bi-pedal machine and allow it to act as the soldier’s surrogate.’

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As I have stated before in previously linked articles, This is the developing trend for the future of the scientific dictatorship. Transhumanism may have some lofty goals of technologically transforming the human species, it ultimatley will be implemneted to enforce more control over human beings and to transform the human species into a controllable hive of efficient machines. And if that aim can not be acheived, then it will be even more easier to “replace” humans with a new machine race.