Minority Report: ‘Pre-Crime’ is Here

LAPD computer system uses crime stats to send officers to ‘red spots‘. Burglaries are down 33 per cent and violent crime down 21 per cent since introduction last November. It’s a system straight from the Hollywood blockbuster Minority Report. Police in downtown Los Angeles are fighting crime by predicting offences—before they have even happened.

Michael Tsarion : The Post-Human World

Introduction to Michael Tsarion’s presentation “The Posthuman World,” filmed in Melbourne Australia, November 2011. The presentation episodes include: Introduction, Collectivism, Self Sadism,TransHumanism, Technology & Solutions.

Monsanto taking over global agriculture

‘Monsanto has been on a mission to control US agriculture. With the help of politicians and regulation agencies, the biotechnology company has been putting many farmers out of business. Many critics of the company believe it is the right of the people to know if they are consuming genetically-modified food”.- Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception

I see this as yet another arm in the plan to manipulate the future of Humanity. Once you begin to genetically alter the food supply, it is an indirect way to genetically tamper with Human DNA. combine this with future implantable Nanotechnology, and active manipulation of the Earth’s atmosphere with project’s like HAARP.

The infographic below, of the United States Future Force Warrior program is an example of government funding towards the future soldier today:

Is’nt this great? Don’t you feel even more safe in “the land of the free”. Knowing that your military is being transformed into armies of Nanotechnology augmented,cyborg soldiers.

And you thought this was all science fiction…..

U.S. troops to have ‘super vision’ as Pentagon orders electric contact lenses

Pshh talk about “The All Seeing Eye”..!

Google wowed the world this week with its Project Glass computer glasses – but the U.S. Army is investing in a technology one step ahead.
The Pentagon has placed an order with Innovega for lenses which focus 3D battlefield information from drones and satellites directly into people’s eyeballs.
The tiny ‘screens’ sit directly on users’ eyeballs and work with a pair of lightweight glasses with a built-in translucent screen.

The experience is equivalent to a 240-inch television viewed at a distance of 10 feet, says Innovega’s CEO Steve Willey. “a tremendous amount of data, graphics and video are collected and are required by specific warfighters in the field”. “Some is generated from remote cameras, drones, or satellites. Fully transparent video eyewear that is configured into standard issue field glasses would constitute an important step forward. Innovega is actively in partnership to develop this application.”

And Who’s got their Mitts All over this…? You Guessed it..

DARPA – the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, thought of as the American military’s ‘mad scientist’ wing – has been funding research on ‘soldier mounted displays’ for some time, but previous versions have been bulky.
The lenses, made with nano-scale engineering processes,work as a hi-tech focusing device, which allows Innovega’s glasses to be considerably less bulky than previous devices.
The lenses themselves require no power, and thus can sit safely on the eyeball.
DARPA Says, ‘Innovega’s iOptiks are contact lenses that enhance normal vision by allowing a wearer to view virtual and augmented reality images without the need for bulky apparatus. ‘

‘Instead of oversized virtual reality helmets, digital images are projected onto tiny full-color displays that are very near the eye.’

These novel contact lenses allow users to focus simultaneously on objects that are close up and far away.’

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I’m pretty sure that this is simply a prototype technology, within 5 years they will probably have it so down pat, that they can biometrically integrate this into the Human Brain and Vision System

PETMAN: A Giant Step Taken Toward Building DARPA’s Robot Army

As part of DARPA’s Robotics Challenge, which seeks more lifelike humanoid robots, the engineers at Boston Dynamics have impressed once again. Boston Dynamics first caught the public’s attention by showcasing just how fast robotics was advancing when they released videos of robots so lifelike that they were given names like LittleDog, SandFlea, BigDog, and the world’s fastest legged robot — Cheetah.

Now Boston Dynamics has entered the human realm with PETMAN. As you will see in the video below, this robot far outdoes its predecessors with its extraordinary range of motion and abilities.

PETMAN is an anthropomorphic robot designed for testing chemical protection clothing. Its range of motion allows it to balance, walk, crawl, and even climb stairs, while also having the ability to simulate human physiology such as sweating” According to Boston Dynamics

It is the first robot to display such human movements, heralding the next … step in robotics development destined to assist waging war on battlefield earth.


As I’ve stated before, the Military, and “defense” industries will be the cutting edge of this type of research and development. At the surface level it would seem as though this where nothing more than harmless advancments in technology. But this technology will be used to augment, and even replace the existing Human Species

Darpa is building an Army of Cyborg Insects

Humans are next to follow…?

The Hybrid Insect Micro Electromechanical Systems (HI-MEMS) program is aimed at developing technology to provide control over insect locomotion, just as reins are needed for effective control over horse locomotion.

HI-MEMS-derived technologies will enable many robotic capabilities at low cost, impacting the development of future autonomous defense systems. The realization of cyborgs will provide compact platforms that use highly efficient biological systems developed over millions of years of evolution. HI-MEMS platforms will extend the duration and improve the capability of microbotic missions due to the combined efficiency of biochemical energy storage (fat) and bio-actuators (muscle) compared to traditional chemical energy storage (battery) and actuators (motors). The basic technology developed in this program will also serve as a biological tool to understand and control insect(Sic:Human) development, opening vistas in our understanding of tissue development and providing new technological pathways to harness the natural sensors and power generation of insects. ( you need a first step in researching and developing this type of technology, so you start with a biological lifeform that can be easily manipulated. and one that won’t draw to much attention to what your real aim is.)

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Scientists to build ‘human brain’: Supercomputer will simulate the entire mind

This is the research and development/ Testing stage, for the transhumanist transformation of humanity. Which is mostly conducted through “Medical” and or “Military” projects. I have no problems with advancing the whole human species, but this type of technology is just going to be exploited, by those few with the money and power to exploit it.

The human brain’s power could rival any machine. And now scientists are trying to build one using the world’s most powerful computer.
It is intended to combine all the information so far uncovered about its mysterious workings – and replicate them on a screen, right down to the level of individual cells and molecules.
If it works it could be revolutionary for understanding devastating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and even shedding light into how we think, and make decisions.

They hope to complete it within 12 years. He said: ‘The complexity of the brain, with its billions of interconnected neurons, makes it hard for neuroscientists to truly understand how it works.
Simulating it will make it much easier – allowing them to manipulate and measure any aspect of the brain.’
Housed at a facility in Dusseldorf in Germany, the ‘brain’ will feature thousands of three-dimensional images built around a semi-circular ‘cockpit’ so scientists can virtually ‘fly’ around different areas and watch how they communicate with each other

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