Darpa is building an Army of Cyborg Insects

Humans are next to follow…?

The Hybrid Insect Micro Electromechanical Systems (HI-MEMS) program is aimed at developing technology to provide control over insect locomotion, just as reins are needed for effective control over horse locomotion.

HI-MEMS-derived technologies will enable many robotic capabilities at low cost, impacting the development of future autonomous defense systems. The realization of cyborgs will provide compact platforms that use highly efficient biological systems developed over millions of years of evolution. HI-MEMS platforms will extend the duration and improve the capability of microbotic missions due to the combined efficiency of biochemical energy storage (fat) and bio-actuators (muscle) compared to traditional chemical energy storage (battery) and actuators (motors). The basic technology developed in this program will also serve as a biological tool to understand and control insect(Sic:Human) development, opening vistas in our understanding of tissue development and providing new technological pathways to harness the natural sensors and power generation of insects. ( you need a first step in researching and developing this type of technology, so you start with a biological lifeform that can be easily manipulated. and one that won’t draw to much attention to what your real aim is.)

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