Minority Report Software becomes a reality.

Minority Report finally becomes a reality: new hi-tech video wall will let law enforcement agencies sift through data with a wave of their hand.
The hi-tech computer system behind the film ‘Minority Report’ – where Tom Cruise speeds through video on a large screen using only hand gestures – is making its way into the real world.
American computer experts have revealed the software has become a reality – and they hope to sell it to law enforcement agencies around the world

However, its inventors stress is not the ‘pre-crime’ detection program illustrated in the 2002 Steven Spielberg sci-fi film. *(at leat not functionally or officialy Yet...)*
What makes the real-life version of the software different from the one seen on film is that Oblong does not supply the analytics of the futuristic “pre-crime” division.

That does not prevent a company or law enforcement agency from using the software and adding its own analytics. “We think law enforcement and intelligence are big data users and we think our technology is the leader,” Kramer said.

And of course the Military/Intelligence agencies/Law enforcement will be the ones to first capitalize on this technology and use it to their advantage. Sure there will be a civilian component that can use this for business means, but it will be limited to that. Another technology used against instead of for the benefit of humanity. What a shock!!!

Oh and Pre-crime is already here