Spy Drones to be deployed in U.S. to tackle civil unrest?

The Department of Homeland Security is researching the use of spy drones to monitor and provide surveillance on major ‘public safety events.’
This has led some to worry that thousands of unmanned aircraft could be used by the federal government to quell civil unrest in the run-up to the November 6 presidential election.

*Info Wars*, a website run by right-leaning conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, cites a $50million contract Homeland Security offered to capture, process and analyze aerial images of ‘national special security events.
The site says it is tracking a buildup in US security( A.J. is’nt the only one), including riot gear orders and an expanded presence of Transportation Security Administration screeners at some train depots and outside airports. There are already 63 unmanned drone bases scattered across 20 states in the US.

The Federal Aviation Administration has paved the way for the use of drone aircraft in the US and said up to 30,000 of the vehicles could fill the skies by the end of the decade.(I say much sooner than that, in fact operations are already underway)
Most of the current drones bases are housed at military installations or run by Homeland Security or local law enforcement agencies. Privacy advocates have long worried that that drones could be used to spy on Americans.

Daily Mail Article

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