Now We are all Superhuman….(?)

Exhibition pays tribute to the remarkable technology that shapes both our minds and our bodies.

Since we first took mastery over fire, mankind has steadily been shaping his world around him.

It may have taken us a few thousand years to get from building walls, pyramids and roads to the microchip and spaceships, but the colossal innovation of the last 100 years shows just how quickly we have accelerated our development.

Now the Wellcome Collection is celebrating how humanity has developed – and specifically, how we have been able to alter our own bodies, with a summer exhibition to coincide with the Olympics.Superhuman’ brings together over 100 artworks, artefacts, videos, photographs, comics and medical objects which record our seemingly limitless desire to be more than ourselves.

Emily Sargent, Curator of Superhuman, said: ’Human enhancement is one of the most exciting and feared areas of modern science, where sci-fi imaginings seemingly come alive. But it is not the exclusive preserve of the contemporary technologist, as our desire to enhance ourselves and our ingenuity to do so is in evidence throughout our history.

Or could it simply be a little subtle propaganda to prepare the world for the reality of Transhumanism?? Agreed that Human ingenuity, and a desire to be so much more than we are, has brought us a long way so far. Yet the current possibilities of technologically modifying ourselves, coupled with the agenda of those who would love to be gods among men does’nt fare well for the rest of us…