Scientist Predicts Eugenics Society in 5 years

Well Damn that was quick..

It seems we may be heading into a new era of eugenics, and in the future, instead of choosing to settle with partners we love, we may be choosing them based on the compatibility of our genes, a leading scientist has warned.

Professor Armand Leroi, of Imperial College London, predicts that the ever declining cost of DNA testing means that we may be heading toward a society that is based on genetic superiority.(Hmmm have’nt we tried that at least once before around say, 1930’s to 1940’s?)

It will become standard practice for young people to pay to access their entire genetic code.
Naturally, the future generation’s desire to have a healthy baby will then lead them to request access to view the genetic blueprint of any prospective long-term partner.

Speaking in a session titled “I human: are new scientific discoveries challenging our identity as a species”, Leroi said the cost of genetic sequencing has been falling so quickly that “it is going to become very, very accessible, very, very soon”.

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Eugenics did’nt just shrivel up and die away with the End of Nazi Germany and WWII, It is an active alive and well program, to genetically modify, alter and enhance(some members) of the human race.Transhumanism being just one branch of that.For those who want to be in the know on how those behind the eugenics movement want the direction of humanity to go, I suggest you catch up on this film