Forget the Rise of the Police State. It’s the Rise of the Terminator State.

By Julie Mitchell

Forget the Rise of the Police State. It’s the Rise of the Terminator State.

On February 14, 2012, President “Barack Obama” signed into law the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization and Reform Act, a law which, in section 332, requires “the safe integration of civil unmanned aircraft, [i.e. drones], into the national airspace system as soon as practicable. Subsequent to the passage of that bill they have clearly decided to adopt the “as soon as practicable” approach, as these unmanned drones have for the past several months since been photographed and filmed hovering and flying in various parts of the country.

Meanwhile, the internet air waves are exploding with citizen activists protesting the implementation of drone technology in U.S. airspace, and the only objection to be raised among the MSM media outlets is the insipid and perpetual comment repeated almost verbatim among all of them that “privacy advocates fear” they may ultimately be used in violation of the privacy rights, which is in reality a non-existent concept, that the vast majority of Americans are still suffering from the misconception that they actually possess.

These weapons originated with the military, and the assumption that they were designed to serve any purpose other than that which benefits and facilitates war and the activities thereof is essentially baseless.

The cover of the August 2012 issue of Popular Science features the prototype of a new “robotic” drone, and it is referred to on the cover of that publication as “the world’s first robotic strike craft.” The X-47B, as it is referred to, is described as the “world’s first autonomous warplane.It is specifically designed to eliminate the need for human intervention. Living in a world in which such things are utilized to the utter detriment and control of the human race should not be that difficult to imagine for many Americans. If it is, visit Netflix and watch the “Terminator” movies. That will give you a clear idea of the direction this is heading.

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