The CNP, “alternative” media and controlled opposition

*(CNP members from L to R: (Top) Jack McLamb, Dr. Stanley Monteith, Cliff Kincaid, Paul Craig Roberts (Bottom) Dr. Jerome Corsi, Larry Pratt, Dr. Michael Coffman, Bob Barr)*

Pictured above is just a few of the more popular names — especially among followers of the “alternative” media — who are members of the ultra-secret Council for National Policy (CNP). If you have never heard of this organization before, don’t be surprised because it’s almost never mentioned by the media, and especially not by those “big names” in the alternative media who regularly feature CNP members as guests on their show.

Established in 1981 by Tim LaHaye, an evangelical minister, author and speaker, the CNP was founded as a forum for “conservative” politicians, business leaders, members of the media, and evangelical leaders seeking to “strengthen the political right” in the United States. The group’s initial funding was provided by Rockefeller associate Nelson Bunker Hunt. Hunt and the Rockefeller family also played a leading role in the financing of the John Birch Society.

Since 1981, the CNP has been meeting in secret three times a year to set the agenda for the conservative and evangelical movement in the U.S. Its meetings are held in undisclosed locations and are off-limits to the general public and apparently the media as well. The reason for this, as claimed by the CNP, is to “allow for a free-flowing exchange of ideas,” a reason often used by other powerful and secretive elite non-governmental organizations that work to set policy from behind the scenes and outside of the so-called “democratic process.”

Because of the CNP’s secretive nature, some, including members of the CNP itself, have compared it to the slightly less secretive but more powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CNP is often viewed as the right wing’s version of the Eastern Liberal Establishment’s CFR, though when looking through the group’s roster, it doesn’t take long to find many names which are/were also members of the CFR. With that said, it’s important not to discount the CNP’s role in the agenda.

While the CNP may not be as powerful as other globalist NGOs, they are powerful in their control over the so-called conservative movement in this country, which ties in closely with the “patriot” movement and alternative media, which many people rely on to deliver them what they believe is “the truth.”

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