Government Sponsored Cyber Attacks to Legitimize DHS Big Brother Control Grid

The US government-sponsored surveillance system is being built with the assistance of federal agencies, state and local law enforcement, telecommunications technology, websites, search engines, private sector corporations and data collection software. To justify the need for a cybersecurity legislation that will enable the US government to spy on every American citizen without purpose other than to create a totalitarian control grid.

Back in March, DHS, the FBI and Obama administration officials demonstrated for Senators a fake take-down of US infrastructure to coerce them into supporting the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. The focus of the fake attacks were US banks, power grids and telecommunications systems.

When creating a corporate-surveillance grid, the work of the military-industrial complex, mainly the Department of Defense (DoD), who created the internet we know today and controls its direction with orders coming from the executive branch.

The Obama administration is circumventing the Congress with an executive order to create it’s own law concerning internet lockdown after the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 was voted down last month.

A leaked version of the executive order on cybersecurity reveals the creation of an “infrastructure cybersecurity council manned by the US Department of Homeland Security that will be staffed by members of the departments of defense, justice and commerce, and national intelligence office.Experts agree that the US power grids are rarely attacked or hacked into, yet the US government is using the general public’s ignorance against them for the sake of gaining social support for their ultimate Big Brother surveillance system.

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