US ‘is running a two-party, fascist regime’

As pointed out before, the collusion of Private corporate power and that of the State is the basic definition of Fascism. What makes us think that just because we have two seemingly different political parties that it could’nt happen here? it happened in Italy andd Germany in the 1930’s and they had multiple political parties. If anything having solely 2 major parties make’s it that much easier for Corportist control.

The United States “is running a two-party, fascist regime” where “corporations and the bankers run the country”, says the chief investment strategist of AVA Investment Analytics.

In an interview with the U.S. Desk on Sunday, Mike Stathis said, “It doesn’t matter who wins the elections. First of all, all U.S. presidents are puppets. They’re puppets of the establishment. The guys that make the decisions are in the shadows”.

According to a study by Gallup, a growing number of Americans believe there is an urgent need for a third major party in the country.

The desire for a third party is fairly similar across ideological groups, with 61% of liberals, 60% of moderates, and 54% of conservatives believing a third major party is needed.

The mainstream Democratic and Republican parties agree on most crucial issues that affect American lives most directly.

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