Minority Report becomes reality: New software that predicts when laws are about to be broken


Once again the US Military and the geniuses at DARPA are hard at work perfecting the future of a TechnoFascist Control grid surveillance society. The selling points are all there for the public to accept, it’s all being put in place for your “protection and security” Oh and Artificially intelligent programs and machines will make it more “cost effective” to make sure you stay within the limits of your slavery(A.K.A Security)

An artificial intelligence system that connects to surveillance cameras to predict when people are about to commit a crime is under development, funded by the U.S. military.The software, dubbed Mind’s Eye, recognises human activities seen on CCTV and uses algorithms to predict what the targets might do next – then notify the authorities.

The technology has echoes of the Hollywood film Minority Report, where people are punished for crimes they are predicted to commit, rather than after committing a crime.Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have presented a paper demonstrating how such so-called ‘activity forecasting’ would work.

The system works using a high-level artificial intelligence infrastructure the researchers call a ‘cognitive engine’ that can learn to link relevant signals with background knowledge and tie it together.

The signals the AI can recognise – characterised by verbs including ‘walk’, ‘run’, ‘carry’, ‘pick-up’, ‘haul’, ‘follow’, and ‘chase’, among others – cover basic action types which are then set in context to see whether they constitute suspicious behaviour.

According to Phys.org, this automated approach to surveillance could one day tempt authorities to replace humans with computers as CCTV camera operators.