Gun Control Debate Only Distracts Us From Identifying the Root Cause of Mass Shootings


Written by Andrew Puhanic

The abundance of Guns and Firearms in the United States of America did not cause the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The root cause of the massacre is derived from a variety of social issues ranging from the growing culture of violence in America, lack of funding for mental health care facilities and services and the current dire economic climate.

Just because guns are readily accessible, doesn’t mean that guns themselves are the root cause of such tragic events.The mentally unwell person responsible for this horrible event (Adam Lanza) had been planning it for many weeks. If firearms were not sold freely in the market, the underworld would have been his next avenue for acquiring a firearm.

the only way to prevent massacre like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School is for society to first identify what are the root causes behind them.

Why do people insist on resorting to violence to deal with their personal problems?
Why are people who are suffering with such serious mental health issues not identified for treatment before their condition results in what we witnessed at Sandy Hook Elementary School?
Why are our youth suffering with mental illness in epidemic proportions?

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