One Thing Both Sides In the Gun Control Debate Can Agree On..Control!


Whether you are for gun control or the right to bear arms, let’s agree to be honest.

The federal government has recently purchased hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition for use within the United States. (And purchases are allegedly ongoing.)

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid have carried concealed weapons to protect themselves.

And the newspaper which published the names and addresses of gun owners has itself hired armed guards to protect it.

So folks within government who are advocating gun control are only advocating that the American people be disarmed.

They not only reserve to themselves the right to carry weapons, but the government is buying insane amounts of weaponry for use within the United States. Indeed, police forces throughout the U.S. are being armed with military weapons.Whatever you think about gun control, please acknowledge the objective situation: our government is becoming more and more armed, while it is asking us to disarm ourselves.

Therefore, whatever you think about gun control, you have to admit that the government is asking us to trust it, as it becomes armed to the teeth and asks us to give up our arms.

Given recent actions by folks in government (and the consolidation of power), do you trust our government?

Given that our government unjustifiably murders children abroad without even knowing who they are, do you trust it to only use arms against people who are violent? But let’s all be honest about one issue … and admit that we are being asked to trust our government – working hand in glove with the big banks – as they arm themselves to the teeth.

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