Scientists create Bionic body using artificial limbs and organs


Known as Rex – short for robotic exoskeleton – his 6ft frame is made up of an array of artificial limbs and organs from around the world.Built for a documentary exploring how far technology has developed, Rex raises ethical dilemmas.

Research on advanced prosthetics and artificial organs means scientists could soon not only replace missing body parts, but improve on them.

The C4 programme’s presenter is Dr Bertolt Meyer,He said: ‘It’s exciting and a bit scary. We might be at a point in science and technology where we see first glimpses of the possibilities to go beyond the limits of evolution.

George Annas, Professor of Bioethics and Human Rights at Boston University, warned: ‘I think when it comes to our bodies, the danger is we might change what it is to be human.

‘Create a new species that may turn around to bite us, similar to the Frankenstein myth, where your creature let loose in the world becomes destructive and uncontrollable.’

he bionic man is being built from $1,000,000 worth of limbs and organs by leading UK roboticists Richard Walker and Matthew Godden.

*(All the Technology that the transhumanist cult has ever dreamed of is quickly on the way. But there is one problem. despite all the hardware, there is still no way of defining and imprinting the software(Mind,Consciousness, The soul). It is time for Humanity to evolve and move into space, but there is one crucial thing missing that the transhumanists fail to see, the need for the evolution of our consciousness. Not the codifying and simulation of Human mind into technological chimera’s)

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