US military budget exceeds all other countries combined

US Global Empire

*Ed(General Smedley Butler Said it best: “War is a Racket” and now in the 21st century that Racket has become a global industry. not just an Empire, but a global Corporate business. And those in charge can’t allow this Annuit Coepitus (sucsessful enterprise) to fail. And so it grow’s and grow’s like a cancer, at the expense of real human lives. All for temporary control and profits.)

The military budget of the United States is more than all other nations combined despite financial problems in the country, an analyst said.

“It’s important to note that the budget for military affairs of the United States far exceeds any other country around the world. In fact, it exceeds all of the countries combined in regard to the level of military expenditures.

The U.S. Congress has recently passed the U.S. military budget for 2013 that authorizes spending of $633 billion.

“If you combine the military budget of the United States with the National Security budget as represented by Homeland Security, it exceeds one trillion dollars

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