FEMA’s guide to reporting suspicious activity openly encourages Americans to spy on each other.


*(This is almost exactly the same kind of methods that dictatorships like the Soviet union and East Germany used to effectively spy on their citizens. Besides the developments in surveillance technology the most important factor in watching/controlling the people, is to have them do it to themselves)

The Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative defines suspicious activity as “observed behavior reasonably indicative of pre-operational planning related to terrorism or other criminal activity.” IACP’s primary research found that most individuals rely on a combination of factors when determining if an activity, behavior, or object is suspicious and merits reporting to the authorities. These factors are:

• Concern about the potential for harm to the community. (How could a person holding a camera harm the community?)
• Belief that the information may be useful to law enforcement. (A person’s beliefs are enough to label someone suspicious?)
• Personal observation of activities. (CITIZENS SPYING on one another)
• Personal instinct. (If a cop or citizen has a feeling you’re suspicious, that’s good enough?)
• The agreement of others nearby that something isn’t right. (Paranoia 101, if your spouse or friends have a feeling, you’re a suspicious person, that’s good enough.)

-Suspicious activities in and of themselves may not always be criminal, but when combined with other activities may be precursors to a larger criminal or terrorist plot. This can include asking questions beyond mere curiosity about a building’s operations, security, or infrastructure such that a reasonable person would consider the activity suspicious. Suspicious objects may include bags, suitcases, packages, cars, and other objects that are left unattended or seem out of place in the surroundings. (The list is purposefully vague and meant to imply anyone, anywhere could be suspicious)

-Share the DHS “If You See Something, Say Something” video with community members for an overview of suspicious behaviors. (Let’s have a community meeting & encourage paranoia, sorry I mean spying on our fellow Americans)

– Caution people to keep a safe distance from, and never approach, a person that appears to be engaged in suspicious activity. If safe to do so, the observer should consider the entire situation and take note of additional observations before calling authorities. Terrorism planning involves the intent to commit a criminal act and it is the responsibility of law enforcement officials to determine if a report of suspicious activity builds enough cause for investigation. Individuals should not hesitate to report suspicious activity. (Call the police & report what you feel is suspicious, don’t worry trust your feelings. Want to get rid of your annoying neighbor? Just report their activity as suspicious & they’ll be put on a terrorist watch list)

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