Future enemy: Pentagon developing humanoid Terminator robots


*(The below is not my exact opinion, but pretty close. The fact that this technology is in development tells me one thing, that it will be used exclusively for Military purposes. Given the track record of the world most powerful military, I’m going to say that this wont exactly help humanity. All of this converges at a strange crossroads of NWO philosophies, Perpetual Warfare( War on Terror, War on Drugs etc), and Transhumanism.)

The Pentagon wants to develop and deploy a robotic army of autonomous soldiers that(possibly) will kill without hesitation. It’s only a matter of time before these robots are armed with rifles, grenade launchers and more. Their target acquisition systems can be a hybrid combination of both thermal and night vision technologies, allowing them to see humans at night and even detect heat signatures through building walls.

At first, these robots will be deployed as soldier assistants, carrying gear, retrieving wounded soldiers from hot zones, and so on. But over time, the roles will be reversed: Robotic soldiers will serve on the front lines while humans only serve support roles to keep the robots running. Such a transition will take decades, of course, but it’s coming.

What happens when the robots become self-aware?
A more apocalyptic scenario unfolds when the machines are taught to build self-replicating factories that one day gain enough intelligence to decide that humans are no longer needed. This is the scenario described in the movie “Terminator,” where Skynet launches nuclear missiles in an attempt to destroy humanity.

Not coincidentally, an emerging technology of “cooperative drones” that allows small aircraft to carry heavy objects in flight is also being called “Skynet.”

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