US Justice Dept acknowledges wide-ranging surveillance of Associated Press


(This just highlights how pervasive and out of control that this Secretive police state Surveillance society has become. Even though the Mainstream press parrots the official line of the Government, there are still a few cases of actual journalism and investigate reporting happening. And when it gets too close to the truth, this is what happens.)

The president of the Associated Press has sent a letter of protest to US Attorney General Eric Holder over the Department of Justice’s broad surveillance of individual reporters’ phone conversations.

In a letter received by the AP on Friday, the Justice Department acknowledged but offered no explanation for the seizure of two months’ worth of telephone records of reporters and editors. AP’s president, Gary Pruitt, called the ongoing monitoring a “massive and unprecedented intrusion.

The AP believes that more than 100 journalists are involved in the DOJ’s phone surveillance, which would have involved a wide variety of stories regarding government and other topics. Pruitt has called for the return of obtained phone records, as well as the destruction of all copies.

It is believed that phone records were obtained as part of a criminal investigation into leaked information about a CIA operation in Yemen that unraveled an Al-Qaeda plot in the spring of 2012 to detonate an explosive on a US-bound jet airliner.

Speculation on a link to that particular story was made by the AP based on the fact that phone numbers were obtained by the DoJ for five reporters and an editor involved in the May 7, 2012 story.

The rights of the US citizens are increasingly under attack, acknowledged Caleb Maupin from International Action Center.

All the things that the Democratic Party lambasted George W. Bush for doing – they are now continuing. It is a trend in repression,This is an act of intimidation against the Associated Press. It was a real fear in the House of Power, which includes both the Democrats and the Republicans, that the press might start doing its job and actually speaking truth to power, actually exposing some of the crimes that has been committed,