US spy device ‘tested on New Zeland public’


A high-tech United States surveillance tool which sweeps up all communications without a warrant was sent to New Zealand for testing on the public, according to an espionage expert.

The tool was called ThinThread and it worked by automatically intercepting phone, email and internet information. (Again another example of what may be alterations, or advanced versions of the PROMIS spying software, which was stolen by the US DOJ and marketed to spy on multiple countries)

ThinThread was highly valued by those who created it because it could handle massive amounts of intercepted information. It then used snippets of data to automatically build a detailed picture of targets, their contacts and their habits for the spy organisation using it.

Those organisations were likely to include the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) after Washington, DC-based author Tim Shorrock revealed ThinThread was sent to New Zealand for testing in 2000-2001. Mr Shorrock, who has written on intelligence issues for 35 years, said the revolutionary ThinThread surveillance tool was sent to New Zealand by the US National Security Agency. The GCSB is the US agency’s intelligence partner – currently under pressure for potentially illegal wide-spread spying on the public.

*This is not the first time US intelligence agencies have operated and spied on citizens in this part of the world, Regime change is’nt a new thing for them, and if you dont play by the rules,.. well bad things happen*

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