Are we Guniea Pigs?: DARPA and IBM launch new low frequency microwave data network


Every crisis gives birth to a new solution – and the technology, GMO and Pharma industries have taken this idea to religious levels.

But what price are we paying for riding along with these industries? Technology is moving so quickly that the population have become one giant commercial experiment in the new global crusade for efficiency and convenience (and profits).

DARPA and IBM claim they want to “fix the plumbing” of our clogged-up mobile data networks, as they unveil their new millimeter wave-length radio frequency relay stations powered by their new super “Geranium” chip technology.

It is unknown as yet what effects their new millimeter-wave wireless communication links will have on humans. Similar technology has already been deployed by the TSA in America through their body scanners which also use radiation-emitting microwave technology – devices which were quickly rolled out without being independently tested on animals, or humans for safety. In the case of full body scanners that use high frequency waves, it has been shown that this millimeter wavelength technology can unzip and disrupt human DNA structures.

The risks of bathing the population in even more microwaves by harnessing an entirely new portion of the radio wave spectrum – all in order to speed up our iPhone and Android performance, is maybe something humanity should not rush into either.

Via 21st Century Wire