Google Will Help Police to Track “Extremist Websites” Through its Search Results


*Google continues their track record of working with agencies that spy on citizens, and furthering the cause of destroying privacy

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said that they will help the police trace “extremist websites” and that legal information on Google’s search engine will be indexed to help track “terrorism- promoting websites.”

Google’s indexing of extremist websites helps police track their activity and will continue, the company’s chief told an audience. Schmidt further said that the police can detect extremists through their internet activity as they leave a digital trail and their online presence can sometimes help in tracking them and their pre-planned terrorist activities.

Asked if Google is now more powerful than many countries and whether it in effect operates just like one, Schmidt said it was not an aim of the company. “We’re not becoming a state. We don’t want to be because states have a lot of complicated problems.

(good way to dodge the question..Of course they won’t admit to being more powerful than most countries, beside’s when you’re building the framework for an international Fascist control grid, you won’t need countries anyway.)

Via IntelliHub