Destroying the Evidence: Michael Hastings Cremated Despite Family Wishes to reclaim his Body


Michael Hastings died on June 18th after his Mercedes crashed into a tree and had burst into flames in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, causing speculation to arise that Hastings, who was working on a major exposé of the CIA, and NSA Spying.

Hours before the car crash Hastings had sent out an email to family and friends claiming that he was onto a big story and needed to “off the rada[r] for a bit.” WikiLeaks made the claim that Hastings had contacted them and said that the FBI was investigating him.

His Remains were hastily cremated against the wishes of his family, adding to the mystery surrounding the death of the Rolling Stone journalist. This week, Hastings’ friend SSgt. Joe Biggs said authorities cremated Hastings without permission from the family. Reports said that Hastings was so badly burned in the crash that it took days for a positive identification.

Accounts of the death of Michael Hastings have fueled many conspiracy theories. Eyewitnesses said just before the crash they heard an explosion that sounded like a bomb going off.

Richard Clarke, a former State Department official and adviser to several United States presidents, said the crash looked to be consistent with a “car cyberattack,” one orchestrated by a computer to seize control of the car.

Biggs said he will continue to investigate the death of his friend.

“This wasn’t an accident and I will continue to investigate his death,” he said of friend Michael Hastings.

Via Secrets of the Fed

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