Sports: The Greatest Hypnotic Distraction


*Ed* Before my own personal “awakening” to the fact that the society that we live in is manipulated and controlled in a top down fashion. I had noticed in my adolescence this country’s unhealthy fascination with sports. Granted america was founded on competition and we all love the underdog, but at the turn of the 21st century I couldn’t help but notice the 24-7 news/spin cycle on sports that the mass majority of the people I knew paid more attention to than real issues that actually affected them on a daily basis.
Being an actual student of history I noted that much like the Roman Empire of old, when the citizenry were placated with bread and circuses. I couldn’t help but notice that the same, if not an even more dangerous process was taking place here as well.

Picture a room full of people playing musical chairs. You hear the music playing and you observe the players walking around the chairs anxiously keeping an eye on the closest empty chair noting which chair each will try to sit in if and when the music stops. Have you played the game? Do you remember how engaged you were during the playing of the music? You knew exactly which direction to walk and you were paying close attention to the music waiting for the cutoff.

Similarly, sports in America and the accompanying culture of sports fanaticism plays people’s minds and continuously demands their focused emotional attention inning by inning, play by play. Sports fans respond to the constant sensational cycles of competition between individuals and/or teams, and the unavoidable emotional and psychological result of winning or losing.

The Sports Platform as a Tool

This sports platform provides a false reassurance and comfort for fans, assuring them that everything is great; everything is under control, come watch the game and relax (more on this later). The sports platform also teaches patrons to never question authority (umpires, referees or coaches), do as you are told, the government is a trustworthy system free or mostly free of corruption, the mass media reports factual truth, we only launch necessary wars to spread the message of freedom so you should honor the wars and the soldiers with season-long events and ceremonies before, during and after games; the war on terror is real because people who hate freedom America and liberty want to kill you; the government is your protector from these people who hate freedom and you should give up all your rights (and your guns) in return for personal government protection from this harm which is why you should support the idea of DHS, TSA and the militarized police state at stadiums and all over your local town.


Sports to control the masses

Why hasn’t America reached critical mass awakening? Consider that tens of millions of American sports fans are subjected to the daily influences of the powerful American sports programming. This system which covers scheduled cycles of physical competitions between athletes, is a powerful hypnotic tool. Studies and observations on human behavior show that humans respond to repetitive stimulus by adapting in many ways. This is known by many as the Repetition Principle of learning. Repetition is associated with, among other things, familiarity and thus comfort, mental adjustment and orientation and coping. Hitler once said “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it FREQUENTLY enough, it will be believed”. Regarding repetition Aristotle once said “it is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency”.

Sports, hypnosis and social engineering

What we see is a carefully coordinated mass mind manipulation of sports fans that include the systematic, scheduled delivery of entertainment, distraction from real news, rechanneling of young male bravado, energy, and passion, and a scheduled feeding of government propaganda all so deeply embedded into the minds of sports fans that most of them don’t realize the how much they are being manipulated. They don’t realize the role sports has played in the social engineering of America.

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