Transhumanist Bankers Plan Robotic Future

HSBC robot

By Julian Rose
Via Activist post

International airports in Britain greet arrivals and departures with the letters ‘HSBC’ and the words “The World’s Bank” plastered boldly over plane docking bays and passenger corridors.HSBC is “A British multinational banking and financial services organisation headquartered in London, England.” It is “One of the largest banking and financial services institutions in the world, servicing around fifty eight million customers(Such as Terrorists and Drug Dealers) through four Global Businesses.”

Now the thing about HSBC is that it is interested in more than just banking and it believes that it has ‘seen the future’. Walking down the ramp to enter the plane for Poland at London’s Stansted airport, I was greeted once again by HSBC’s pervasive branding. However this time, the letters appeared above a large picture of a bumble bee . It had been half engineered into a ‘bee-bot’. In large letters above this unfortunate insect appear the words “In The Future – Nature and Technology Will Work as One”.

In actual fact Now mechanized, non animal ‘bots’ (officially ‘nano-bots’) are the latest little flying military spy machines. No bigger than an actual bee – they are apparently capable of flying in swarms straight through your open living or bedroom window – and flying out again replete with photographic data gleaned while hovering around your home. Their creators suggest that the ‘bots’ might be capable of dispensing a lethal sting into their victim as well. It’s like mini drone technology whose intended victims are none other than … us?

HSBC is implicated up to its neck in most of the rotten scams that the banking fraternity has pulled on its customers over the past decade or so – and is now continuing in the same vein by planting an almost surreally dark message into the public mind.

The message being conveyed is simple enough: the bankers are to continue their power play for total control by announcing their backing of the ultimate mutation of nature. That’s close enough to the mark: how would you describe the conjoining of nature and technology within a living organism for the purpose of advancing the total dehumanisation of homo sapiens? Put another way: the usurping of the natural laws that govern our behaviour through the substitution of man-made simulated versions governed by a programmed computer chip.

What we have with HSBC’s ‘nano bots’ is a direct extension of transgenic engineering. Their advert is an in-your-face pronouncement that the bank ‘has seen the future’ and is going to put it’s customers’ savings into making that future come to be.

But just under the surface lies an extraordinary admission of dark intent by this leading British bank – bringing into razor sharp focus just how pathologically insane the world of big business has become. Also just how immersed governments have become in holding hands with these corporate despots and jointly paving the way to a post Orwellian ‘New World Order’.

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