Hack the Planet Now! – Britain’s Senior Scientist Pushes for GeoEngineering


Lord Rees, one of “Britain’s most senior scientists”, has suggested that time is running out on earth’s climate, and that unless we take drastic measures like geoengineering, global warming will lead us into ’dangerous territory’ and ’panic’.

It would seem that the only one panicking is Lord Rees. His alarmist statements fly in the face of current mainstream theories that if man made global warming exists at all, it’s ’on pause’, and we’re in a period of cooling (despite rising CO2 levels and predictions to the contrary). Amusingly, this research is found in the very same online publication,From The Telegraph: “Global warming? No, actually we’re cooling, claim scientists”

Further, Lord Rees’ pessimism about reducing carbon dioxide emissions is growing irrelevant, as more research is coming out suggesting that climate change may not be caused by carbon dioxide levels at all.Among the Geo-engineering plans on Rees’s agenda include launching mirrors into space, triggering algal blooms in the oceans and seeding clouds in the upper layer of the Earth’s atmosphere to bounce some of the sun’s energy back into the stratosphere.

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