Energy Beam Weapon Developed by NATO Disables Vehicles


An energy beam that can be fired to disable vehicles and electronic devices has been developed by Nato scientists.The device uses an intense pulse of electromagnetic energy that can be directed at a moving vehicle to interfere with the electronics on board.

Tests conducted by Nato scientists who have been developing the device in Norway show that it can stop a car approaching a roadblock and could be used to thwart suicide bomb attacks.The researchers, who are working as part of Nato’s Science and Technology Organisation, have also demonstrated it can disable jet skis, drones, and electronic devices such as mobile phones that may be used to remotely trigger a bomb.

It is the latest advance in “non-lethal weapons” under research being carried out by military scientists around the world.Recently US scientists unveiled a non-lethal microwave ray that induces intense pain in those in its path and was developed to help subdue riots.

Scientists from the UK, Norway, the US, Germany, France and a number of other countries have been working as part of the Nato Science and Technology Organisation to use high powered radio waves and microwaves as non-lethal weapons.

Via Red Ice Creations