A Government Vision Of The Future: Fair Warning or Predictive Programming?


Global Strategic Trends 2045,a report by the UK Ministry of Defense, a document that they’re not hiding – it’s not classified. In fact, they WANT you to read it. They present a warning call for how bad things are going to be in the future,even as they push us there.

A Government Vision Of The Future That Isn’t That Great: Imagine a future in which wars break out over access to water and in which those wars are largely fought by combat robots. Imagine a world in which quantum computing has rendered all codes crackable, making personal privacy virtually impossible. A world in which robots are virtually indistinguishable from humans, are self-aware and make their own decisions. Meanwhile, human beings have begun to use a combination of drugs, neurosurgery and prosthetics to enhance their own abilities and senses.

You’re probably wondering where this vision of the future comes from. It sounds as if it’s based on a combination of the Terminator and X-Men movie franchises, with a bit of “I, Robot” and “The Matrix” thrown in for good measure. If you thought that, you’d be wrong. This intriguing and disturbing vision of the future is nothing to do with science fiction. It comes from a Ministry of Defence study into what the world will look like, 30 years from now.

The study suggests that in 2045 the USA and China will be the two big superpowers and that areas for potential conflict between these two nations will increase. The geopolitical situation will be complicated by the likely rise of India as a third force. Russia may still be powerful, but a combination of economic decline and ethnic tensions may see its collapse into civil war.we may face increased dangers, including weaponised viruses, genetically-targeted weapons and the spectre of a terrorist with a nuclear device.

Human lifespan could be dramatically extended and human capabilities – physical and cognitive – could be dramatically enhanced. But such treatments are likely to be available only to the rich, so might we split into a world of humans and super-humans? The section of the report entitled “Human Augmentation” is explosive.

Via Red Ice Creations

I.E Transhumanism as the way of the future, funny that this also happens to be the year that they plan to see the begging of the Technological Signularity. Transfering human consciousness into a computer, and of course only the Elite’s will have access to this.