New Bill Being Introduced Would Give President ‘Dictatorial Powers’ to Wage War


Following the clear failure of the ‘War on Terror’, launched by George W. Bush following 9/11, the US will re-up it’s efforts, which have only seemed to cause an increase in terror operations around the worldThe war on terror has done nothing but increase the threat from terrorism. Whether from foreign policy blowback or forcing the decentralization of terror groups, the fact is that ISIS and many other groups are more emboldened and powerful than ever, despite trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives lost to combating them.

Members of Congress, including many within the President’s own party, are looking for more blood to be spilled in the Middle East. Congress is just about ready to cede it’s power to declare war. While this isn’t something new, considering the last time America actually declared war was in WWII, it will give dictatorial powers to the Executive Branch to throw the country into any war as long as it’s against some form of terrorism

According to legislation announced by Congressman Frank Wolf, it will authorize,

“to use all necessary and appropriate force against those countries, organizations, or persons associated with or supporting terrorist groups, including al Qaeda and its regional affiliates, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, al Shabaab, Boko Haram, and any other emerging regional terrorist groups that share a common violent extremist ideology with such terrorist groups, regional affiliates, or emerging terrorist groups, in order to eliminate all such terrorist groups and prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States or its allies by such terrorist groups, countries, organizations, or persons.”

This is a dangerous, open ended, ceding of control away from the people, and into the hands of the President and his unelected foreign policy “experts”.This will effectively take Congress out of the equation of waging war as long as the Executive Branch says it’s against terrorism.

This legislation, which is similar to a bill proposed by John McCain earlier this year, will essentially remove all war powers from representatives and turn the President into a de facto emperor on foreign policy.

Obama already violated the War Powers Act when he unilaterally toppled the Libyan government headed by Gaddafi, and we all see how well that worked out. In the short term, this renewed push in the corporate media and the government for more war on terror should be resisted by every American.Any US intervention, as seen in every single anti-terror operation we’ve been involved in the passed two decades, will only result in more instability and more of a threat of terrorism. Not to mention more Americans dead and billions more in debt.

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