In 2000, Here’s What the CIA Predicted for 2015


Back in 2000, in the first days of the Bush Jr presidency, the brain trust at the Central Intelligence Agency got together to work out what would likely be ‘going on’ in 2015.
Mostly, CIA analysts were only predicting the likely time frames for the inevitable fruition of trends which were already in motion – and telling relatively clueless politicians in Washington DC what they wanted to hear. Regarding the Bush administration, it was a case of what NeoConservative politicians wanted to hear at that time.

One interesting item which was included was regarding terrorism, where CIA star-gazers foretold the event only months away, “Between now and 2015 terrorist tactics will become increasingly sophisticated and designed to achieve mass casualties”, essentially predicting the attacks of Sept 11, 2001. Anyone who knows their inside baseball would know that of course, the CIA would know what was coming on 9/11. not least of all by looking at ranking CIA agents who were involved in the insider trading of American Airlines stocks before 9/11.

Here is a summary of the Telegraph’s report on the CIA predictions Back In 2000, The CIA Made These Predictions For 2015.

“International affairs are increasingly determined by large and powerful organisations rather than governments.”
Verdict:True. Though it is sometimes hard to distinguish between non-state actors and state actors. Just look at the Islamic State,or The Project for a New American Century

“The world population will grow by more than one billion, to 7.2 billion.” Verdict: True

“China’s economy will grow to overtake Europe as the world’s second largest but still behind the United States.” Verdict: True. By some measurements, China’s economy is now larger than the US economy.

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