Top 5 secret Military bases and UFO’s

One of the most enduring theories behind the possibility for UFO’s, alien abduction and extra terrestrial visitation, is that the governments of the world are aware of alien existence and are hiding the facts behind these ufo cases from the public. More importantly for this article it is the involvement of the world’s military bodies that is consistently brought up time and again as the instigators of these cover ups.Witnesses to alleged encounters claim unknown military personnel arrive and whisk them or objects off to secret and highly guarded military installations around the world.

From the Roswell New Mexico incident to the Rendlesham Forest sightings in the UK, there has been a consistent pattern of association between military bases and UFO’s.
Because of this it would be interesting to take a time out and look at some of the most secretive and most guarded of these military bases, because you never know, behind the doors of one of them might be the answers to the questions ufologists are all asking.

Pine Gap – Australia

Deep in the outback of Australia around 11 miles southwest of the remote town of Alice Springs at the foot of the MacDonnell Range is a military base that is jointly held by both Australian and American military personnel. This highly secretive base has been in operation for many years going back to 1970. The initial treaty for the project was signed four years earlier in 1966 and since that 70’s when it first started operations its staff have grown from 400 to an estimated 1,000 workers. While an impressive size already most claim that the majority of the facility is underground and satellite images do support this.
An American NSA employee named David Rosenberg who worked in Pine Gap for some time, once said that the whole facility was run by a section of the CIA. The facility is publicly known as the hub for US and Australian satellites including communications and intelligence gathering satellites.Famously Edward Snowden the whistleblower of US military secrets claimed Pine Gap was one of three facilities behind the PRISM surveillance program undertaken by the NSA.
Known as Australia’s answer to Area-51 In 1999 the Australian Government refused to say what happened at Pine Gap exactly, when put before members of an Australian Senate committee. They were eventually forced to give an overview and this is where the knowledge we have about the base today comes from.Some claim it is remote in order to communicate with alien visitors. Others have said it is in the Australian outback so it can monitor for UFO traffic. Whatever the known and unknown behind Pine Gap it has made it onto our list of secret military bases.

HAARP Research Station- Alaska

HAARP or the High Frequency Aurora Research Programme is situated in the remote region of Gakona Alaska. This base is jointly funded by the American Navy, The American Air Force and DARPA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency). Starting in 1993 this base was built in part by the contractor BAE Systems Advanced Technologies who are renowned for contracting some of the most secretive technological activity in the world. Built with the reported purpose of investigating potential advanced in communications and surveillance through work within the Earths ionosphere.
This installation has been surrounded by controversy for many years. The U.S. revealed military documents that did not help matters when they were quoted as saying that the HAARP installation created to learn how to “exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes.”
Due to the work with the Earths ionosphere there are many conspiracy theories from the facility experimenting with weather control, to mind control to many other stranger than fiction ideas, including multiple books on the notions. So while this base is not exactly a hot bed of UFO rumour there is good reason this has made the list.Influencing weather may sound farfetched however the facility was in part built on the back of physicist Bernard J. Eastlund’s U.S. Patent from 1987 entitled: Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere.egardless of the clandestine or secret nature of HAARP few military bases around the world have generated such discussion.

Kapustin Yar – Russia

Kapustin Yar, now known by the name Zhitkur used to be a Russian Missile/Rocket development and launching site. First built in 1946 Kapustin Yar is located between Volgograd and Astrakhan in the west of Russia. This base even has a town purpose built and monitored to house the scientists who worked on the base and their families. Reported to have been the secret launch site of Sputnik 1 and 2 this installation periodically was the launch site of other Russian space programmes throughout the decades.
In 1948, less than a year after the Roswell UFO Incident, Kapustin Yar’s radar operators picked up an unidentified object. At the same time, a fighter pilot flying close to the base had a visual sighting of a silver, cigar-shaped object. Reporting that he was being blinded by rays from the UFO, the pilot was ordered to engage with it and, after a three minute dogfight, it was reported a missile successfully brought down the object. It seems that the UFO fired back at the MiG and both craft crashed to the ground. The pieces were alleged to have been recovered and taken back to the base.Even declassified KGB files report of UFO activity including a multiple-witness CE-I (Close Encounter of the First Kind) at the missile base in the district of Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan Region in July 1989.
Whatever the truth behind what happens at Kapustin Yar we know one thing. It deserves its place in the world wide top five secret military bases.

Porton Down – UK

Located near the Salisbury plain in Wiltshire this is a highly secretive military ‘Science Park.’ Not sure exactly what a science park actually is? Well in the case of Porton Down it is a secure site that houses both military and private firms who take part in all manner of secret experiments and projects. It has on site the DSTL (Defence Science & Technology Labratory), which in itself is one of the most secure and secretive government facilities in all of the UK. It has the Health Protection Agency, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response, two lesser branch off’s of the government and there is also a small science park, the home to private companies such as Tetricus Bioscience. Located nearby is also the CBRN training centre and defence centre. CBRN stands for Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear….so you can guess at what work is done there.

The site has been steeped in controversy for decades, with trials actually going to court over human and animal testing. 3 service men actually claimed against the site in 2006 and were settled out of court after they were illegally given LSD to then measure the results.
What makes Porton Down so interesting to ufologists is the sites potential involvement in a UFO report from January the Berwyn Mountain range of north Wales people began reporting that strange lights (including some reports of coloured lights) were visible in the sky and vigorous ground shaking was felt throughout the region. This was not one or two individuals, scores of people reported the incident that later became known as the Berwyn Mountain UFO or the Welsh Roswell. The official report states that it was an earthquake coupled with a meteorite that was visible at the time. Locals however disagree. They tell a story of increased military activity in the area and even reports of men in black type figures.


Some of our not so secret, secret bases are common knowledge to anyone with a passing interest. Pine Gap & Porton Down are widely recognised and knowledge of the activity there is somewhat known. However our next entry is the polar opposite. It is so secretive that it only allegedly exists.
It is alleged to be located near the Colorado-New Mexico border town of Dulce. You might be wondering why can we not prove it? Well it’s because this particular base is supposed to be located underground. Under the Archuleta Mesa to be precise. This whole area is incredibly remote and hardly well trod by most. The story of Dulce Base all begins with a man named Paul Bennewitz. A one time PHD candidate in Physics this man was a keen Ufologist. Among many of his alleged experiences he presented to the ufology community a theory regarding the location of a secret Dulce Base. He claimed intercepted radio communications in the area had led him to this conclusion.
Ultimately it is believed by many that Dulce is a vast underground network of tunnels and hangar like rooms that operates on many levels. What is rumoured to happen there is the source of yet more speculation. Some claim it is actually inhabited by ET’s and they work alongside the U.S. Goverment on biogenetic experiments. Some say it is a community of aliens who have found themselves living here, who are kept hidden from the main stream. Some are less controversial, merely claiming this is really where the US government handles its UFO technology and research.

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