Companies now chipping employees with subdermal implants.


Stocholm, Sweden — A new and advanced office building in the heart of the city has been wired to accommodate businesses who feel they need to chip their employees with subdermal implants in order for them to be tracked and fully interact with their work environments.

From accessing doorways, to unlocking smartphones and other devices, the ‘mark of the beast’ will be the way of the future. Sweden is one of the leading countries in pushing the micro-chipping agenda a favorite node point in the global surveillance grid pushed by the globalists elite for decades now.

Although being chipped “is not a painless process”, more and more companies worldwide will be moving toward it.The rather quick surgical procedure requires a large needle to be inserted into the skin which delivers an electronic RF microchip into the hand, or other parts of the body, that is about the size of a grain of rice.

“No need for passcodes”, the building’s director of chipping said in an interview with a BBC journalist as he went on to open a door electronically by holding his hand near the RF reader.“With this technology I interact with all kinds of devices all around us, all kinds of things that are not part are the greater connected Internet.”, the director said.

“Instead of having some kind of device in my pocket I just put my hand on the reader.”
The director carried on talking about new types of chips that will be available in the future, even mentioning of one for “the tax man”

Via IntelHub