SWAT Team Shows Up To Elementary School to Promote Police State USA


Public shools are now Indoctrination Centers, rather than centers of education for tomorrow’s youth.

Arlington, Texas – A fully loaded and equipped SWAT team invaded Webb Elementary School for “Career Day” this week.
The officers weren’t there to raid the school or arrest anyone, but they certainly looked like they were going to so. The SWAT officers were all carrying high-powered weapons and wearing paramilitary gear as if they were about to raid a terrorist organization.

The police proudly bragged about the event on their Facebook page, posting a number of pictures with fully-clad SWAT members standing on a stage in front of small children.
The police say that they were there to “educate” the children, but were these theatrics truly necessary for a career day at an elementary school?

Some parents were concerned about the safety of their children, considering the fact that police don’t have a very good reputation with weapons. Even when it comes to simple demonstrations there have been a number of cases where police have accidentally fired weapons, in some circumstances injuring themselves and others.This specific SWAT team does not have that great of a track record either. Back in 2013 they staged a botched drug raid where they raided an organic farm under the impression that they were growing marijuana.

Teachers at Webb Elementary will likely never be allowed to tell their students the story about the botched raid on that organic farm where people’s rights were violated, property was destroyed, and blueberries confiscated.

These types of lessons are not allowed in public schools because the schools are tied to the very same institution that the police are, the government. This is why in so many ways, public schools train children to accept, respect, and obey the police state. This point is made blatantly obvious when a gang of government thugs is walking through an elementary school with body armor and M4’s strapped across their chests.

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