DOJ creates new position to target “anti-government views”


Americans motivated by anti-government views and racist ideologies” will be the focus of a new Department of Justice position, John Carlin told a George Washington University crowd .

The Associated Press reported: The Justice Department is creating a new position to coordinate investigations into violent homegrown extremism.
Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, head of the department’s national security division, said that while the international terror threat occupies the public attention, federal officials remain just as concerned about the prospect of violence from Americans motivated by anti-government views and racist ideologies.

The new “Domestic Terrorism Council” will work with US attorneys nationwide “to identify trends that can be used to help shape a national strategy.” This latest move from the fear-mongering Department of Justice essentially enshrines homegrown paranoia about imagined enemies. It also serves to justify the further expansion of the military-industrial-surveillance complex into the lives of American citizens on American soil … especially dissenting ones.

The truth is that if the so-called Domestic Terrorism Council were truly interested in ending homegrown extremism, it would need to look no further than the role U.S. government agencies themselves have played in cultivating nearly every act of false flag domestic terror thus far reported.

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Big Banks Rejecting Cash deposits In Latest Moves Towards A Cashless Society?


A surprising new threat has come along to the health of big banks – large cash deposits. In an obvious move towards a cashless society, these banks are now charging customers to hold their cash for them and in doing so, JP Morgan Chase alone has cut unwanted cash deposits by more than 150 billion dollars this year by charging fees.

The fractional reserve Banking system, is not only moving away from Big Bank deposits, but even private accounts and credits will not accept cash payments. Bank of America notorious for stashing (CIA) Drug money, would not allow a private homeowner to pay a cash deposit toward his own Home mortage.

With big banks now moving away from cash and warnings from scientists of forced microchipping in humanity’s future, Are we moving toward’s a One World Economic (Beast) control system?

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Transhumanism -The Final Religion?


After several decades of relative obscurity Transhumanism as a philosophical and technological movement has finally begun to break out of its strange intellectual ghetto and make small inroads into the wider public consciousness. This is partly because some high profile people have either adopted it as their worldview or alternatively warned against its potential dangers.
Indeed, the political scientist Francis Fukuyama named it “The world’s most dangerous idea” in a 2004 article in the US magazine Foreign Policy, and Transhumanism’s most outspoken publicist, Ray Kurzweil, was recently made director of engineering at Google, presumably to hasten Transhumanism’s goals.

So, what are these goals and how does Transhumanism define itself? Well, since it is not some monolithic organization there are different definitions and declarations, but one of the oldest came out of The World Transhumanist Association,

Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.” (Max More 1990)

Which sounds harmless enough and rather bland. What lies beneath is most definitely neither bland nor harmless and represents a potential change in life on Earth, and Humanity as a whole, which is unprecedented not only in the historical record but the geological. It is, perhaps, the single most momentous event in a billion years – if its more ambitious goals can be realized.

These goals are so ambitious that they warrant the title of this article irrespective as to whether they are in any way feasible, and it will become abundantly clear that while we may talk of a philosophy what we have is a declaration of intent. They are aspirations that address questions that were once the sole preserve of religions, but unlike conventional religions they seek hard engineering answers rather than ill defined and ancient obfuscations. They address the deepest hopes and fears of the Human mind – life, death, the afterlife, immortality, the nature of God(s) and the destiny of the universe.

Transhumanism core tenant begins with what most people would consider an outlandish proposal, and escalates from there. It is of course, one of Humanity’s oldest obsessions – the elimination of aging. A modern incarnation of the desire to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life, to drink from the Fountain of Youth, to create the Philosopher’s Stone and never have to worry about growing old and infirm.
The one thing almost all Transhumanists agree upon is the desirability of not dying of old age, and remaining healthy indefinitely, or at least until the even more exotic technologies hopefully begin to make an appearance. It is the increasingly high profile of this area of medical technology that is partially responsible for the dissemination of H+ agendas in the media as it hitches a ride on this and another area of increasing public concern – Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Of course, the promise of AI has been around, and unfulfilled, for decades. It has been a periodic fad among academics since the 1950s, often accompanied by overblown claims and predictions that never came true, followed by disillusionment and funding cuts. However, this time around it may be that the optimism (or perhaps pessimism) will be justified. In the public eye we have Google’s self driving cars; IBM’s Watson beating former champions on the Jeopardy TV game show; applications like Apple’s Siri. These are what one might consider to be the rising stars of the popular face of AI.
Then we get the science fiction style warnings that have always accompanied AI. The difference now is that they no longer come from end-of-the-world obsessives, but people such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking warning that we face an existential threat. In other words, one that could end our existence as a species.

The possible downside, which is now gaining some serious attention, concerns us being collateral damage if we get in the way of goals either the AIs set themselves, or goals we set for them. After all, very few Humans hate animals but that does not matter if we want to build on their habitat. The best they can look forward to is a reservation or zoo. The actual worst case occasionally discussed in H+ circles is generally considered too bizarre for popular consumption. It is of a hostile AI that is so evil that even death would not be a refuge from it.
Contrary to the claims of many conspiracy theorists Transhumanists are generally not very interested in eugenics or genetically engineering Homo Sapiens. This is not because of any ethical considerations but on pragmatic grounds – it is too slow. The favored route is to merge our existing biology with our machines through such devices as brain computer interfaces. The hope is that our AIs will become extensions of ourselves leading to the first wave of what is termed Post Humanity. Any alteration of biology to accommodate this symbiosis could involve genetic engineering of adults, and nanotechnology (another hand waving catchall which might as well be magic). How realistic these ideas might be remains to be seen, but the road map to the destination is in place.

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NWO Scientists: Genetically modified humans can fight climate change


It was just a matter of time before Eugenics met Climate Change. Even if it sounds like science fiction and absurd speculation, the discussion is taking place now in scientific circles.In fact, this is the ultimate application of science to the human condition. For instance, designer babies might be genetically engineered to be smaller as adults: This would proportionally reduce their carbon footprint. Or genes might be inserted to improve night vision. That would allow nighttime lighting requirements to be reduced, thus saving boatloads of energy and reducing carbon.Other ideas are increased body hair could keep you warm in the winter to save on heating oil and less intelligence so you wouldn’t be so tempted to be greedy and over-consume earth’s resources. Well of course: Everyone knows that simple-minded people don’t have strong materialistic aspirations.

This stuff is so disturbing that even the United Nations – the global home of climate-change religion – is warning against it. Apparently, people at the U.N. are tracking this discussion and are alarmed. This stuff is so disturbing that even the United Nations – the global home of climate-change religion – is warning against it. Apparently, people at the U.N. are tracking this discussion and are alarmed.

In a recent press release, the U.N. stated,

That rapid advances in genetics make “designer babies” an increasing possibility, a United Nations panel today called for a moratorium on “editing” the human genome, pending wider public debate lest changes in DNA be transmitted to future generations or foster eugenics.While acknowledging the therapeutic value of genetic interventions, the panel stressed that the process raises serious concerns, especially if the editing of the human genome should be applied to the germline, thereby introducing hereditary modifications.

In 2004, former Secretary-General Kofi Annan questioned whether such processes might promote a world dominated by eugenics like that imagined by Aldous Huxley in the novel Brave New World.

“The greatest fear is that we may be trying to ‘play God,’ with unforeseeable consequences, in the end precipitating our own destruction,” Mr. Annan warned then, asking whether the dangers outweigh the benefits and where the line should be drawn between what is feasible and what is desirable or ethical.

The U.N.’s dream of Sustainable Development is precisely a Brave New World. As Aldous Huxley penned that book in 1932, he was looking straight in to the face of the Technocracy movement that was sweeping both the U.S. and Germany.Even though Huxley well-understood Scientific Dictatorship when he saw it, I expect that even he would agree that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.Even though Huxley well-understood Scientific Dictatorship when he saw it, I expect that even he would agree that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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DARPA: The double-edged sword at the centre of the US military-industrial complex


DARPA is best known for inventing the internet. Less well known is its work in the social sciences, psychological warfare, and brain control. Many stories about the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) highlight the remarkable technology it has invented: the internet, GPS, and faster supply chains to provide vaccines for swine flu and Ebola. It can be easy to forget DARPA is a military research agency: above all else, it’s tasked with keeping the American war machine supreme.

The agency that invented the internet has also been heavily involved in devising US counterinsurgency policy from Vietnam through to Iraq and Afghanistan, and is preparing for the wars of the future. Much of DARPA’s research is technology based, and increasingly moving towards Robotic/Cyborg based platforms.Science fiction writers might set that kind of cyborg warfare in a distant future. At any given time, what DARPA scientists are working on—especially in the agency’s classified programs—is 10 to 20 years ahead of the technology that’s out in the public domain.

For some the concerns about cyborgs stem from DARPA’s research into putting computer chips inside people’s brains. Hundreds of thousands of veterans of recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have returned to the US with traumatic brain injuries, and many are volunteering for surgery to restore their cognitive faculties.this kind of cutting-edge technology has a closer link to DARPA’s stated goal, advancing weapons technology, than the agency might admit.

DARPA’s movement is towards coupling man and machine, so putting neuro-prosthetics in the brains of soldiers so that they can have what is called augmented cognition. They can become super-soldiers … Ultimately [the Pentagon is moving] toward robots taking over the job: self-governing drones, drones that are often called hunter-killer drones.’

When Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his farewell address as president in 1961, he cautioned against the potential influence of the military-industrial complex. ‘Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry,’ he said, ‘can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defence with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.’that idea is even more important today in light of how fast technology is moving. ‘Things can get away from us very quickly … I think that there needs to be a pause and a discussion and a debate.’

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Possible Alien Megastructure Found Orbiting a Star Researchers claim


Researchers have revealed a ‘bizarre’ star they say could be surrounded by a huge alien mega structure. KIC 8462852, located 1480 light-years away, was monitored by the Kepler Space Telescope for more than four years, beginning in 2009. Now researchers say they cannot explain strange fluctuations in the light it emits – leading some to claim it could have a huge alien megastructure in front of it.

Lead author of the study, Tabetha Boyajian, says his group has been looking for alternate explanations since 2011, when “citizen scientists” flagged the star as exceedingly bizarre.Currently, it experiences dips in brightness up to 22%, which could not be the result of a passing exoplanet. Usually, this kind of unexplained activity is the result of a displaced mass of detritus formed within a new star system before gravity has had time to condense or absorb it. But, KIC 8462852, located between between the constellations Cygnus and Lyra, is not a new star.

Scientists have also considered that the dips may be caused by debris from a planetary collision. However, they would also expect this kind of collision to produce excess infrared light, which hasn’t been detected. Another explanation involves orbiting comets, but comets virtually never create such drastic changes in light emission.

The absence of any conventional explanation led Tabetha to a more unorthodox line of reasoning: what if the anomalous blockage of light is caused by a Dyson sphere, or more accurately, a Dyson swarm of smaller megastructures.This would fall in line with a recent theory by Clément Vidal, who suggests that irregular energy flows from certain stars may be evidence of Kardashev Type II or III civilizations.
Vidal calls these “starivores,” as they are feeding on the energy of their parent stars. He wrote a Ph.D. thesis on it that suggests the Milky Way Galaxy alone may contain around 2,000 starivores.

Is the star KIC 8462852 our very first glimpse of Kardashev Type II advanced artificial superintelligence wielding Dyson spheres (say that five times fast) to control the energy of its own sun? We may soon know… or we may never.

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G.H.W. Bush Senior On UFOs: “Americans Can’t Handle The Truth”


During a recent Jeb Bush fundraiser in Orlando, his Father George Bush Senior left the large crowd uneasy after responding to a question about UFOs. An activist/journalist asked when the US government would tell the truth about UFOs, but the answer George Bush Sr gave took the crowd and reporters completely by surprise.

During the fundraiser, a man in the crowd raised a strange question which led to an even more surprising response by the former president and CIA director. The man asked George Bush Sr when the US government would tell Americans the truth about UFOs, to which he responded: “Americans can’t handle the truth” before the questioning was briefly halted by organizers of the event.

Oddly enough, it is not the first time George Bush Sr has had a controversial opinion on the UFO subject as a similar incident occurred on March 7, 1988, during a trip to a George Bush for President Rally in Rogers, Arkansas. The to-be president was then asked, in the advent that he became president, if he would tell Americans the truth about the existence of UFOs, to which Bush replied: “I am very careful in public life about dealing with classified information” he told the reporter.

James Adder, journalist for the Arkansas Globe at the time, also asked about Bush’s knowledge about the UFO phenomena, on behalf of which Bush answered: ” I know some. I know a fair amount” before ending the interview.

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Air Force Authorizes A Space Fence


The U.S. Air Force has authorized the “Space Fence” to be built.On Sept. 28, 2015, after a series of grueling tests, the Air Force gave their blessings to Lockheed Martin to construct the Space Fence, they announced in a press release.

While not a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) system like President Ronald Reagan’s 1983 “nuclear deterrence strategy” to shoot down incoming enemy missiles, the Space Fence is presumably a space debris surveillance system. The sensor surveillance system will cost $914 million and be situated on the remote Pacific island of Kwajalein, 2,100 miles southwest of Hawaii.

According to Lockheed, the Space Fence’s high tech radar array sensor system is designed to keep track of all the objects floating around in Earth’s orbit.The Space Fence S-band radar system array will detect, track, and catalog orbital objects in space over 1.5 million times per day. The system is designed to predict and prevent space-based collisions, Lockheed claimed.Allegedly, it can detect baseball-sized objects 2,000 miles away.

When the massive undertaking is finished, the Air Force will then be able to detect with pinpoint accuracy the millions of objects hovering above the Earth. After construction and on-site testing, The Space Fence is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2018.

So The question is What are they really trying to keep out? or Maybe there trying to keep US in…..

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Psychic Robot Can Guess Intentions Based On Movement

Cyborg at work

Cyborg at work

Scientists say they’ve developed an AI robotic system that can predict what you intend to do – by analyzing the movements of your body.
In a study entitled “I Meant to Do That: Determining the Intentions of Action in the Face Disturbances” published in the journal PLOS One, a team at the University of Illinois at Chicago say that they have developed a system which can predict our next move by watching us very, very carefully.

The system can determine from the motion of a human’s arm whether or not you might pick up something – or not.The robotic system can also tell if you’ve changed your mind by subtle indicators in micro-movements – the blink of an eye or a subtle change in hand direction – all determined by a mathematical algorithm.

While the study appears successful based on small movement-based predictors, a larger scale version has yet to be built

“We call it a psychic robot,” said lead author Justin Horowitz in a news release.
“If you know how someone is moving and what the disturbance is, you can tell the underlying intent — which means we could use this algorithm to design machines that could correct the course of a swerving car or help a stroke patient with spasticity.”
(because A.I. surveillance is designed only for the purest altruistic intentions)

Any Takers on when this will be in Governments Surveillance State Inventory?

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D.H.S. pre-crime expands the Surveillance State


An internal U.S. Department of Homeland Security document indicates that a controversial program designed to predict whether a person will commit a crime is already being tested on some members of the public. The latest developments, which reveal efforts to “collect, process, or retain information on” members of “the public,” came to light through an internal DHS document obtained under open-government laws by the Electronic Privacy Information Center. DHS calls its “pre-crime” system Future Attribute Screening Technology, or FAST.

FAST is designed to track and monitor, among other inputs, body movements, voice pitch changes, prosody changes (alterations in the rhythm and intonation of speech), eye movements, body heat changes, and breathing patterns. Occupation and age are also considered. According to a government source blink rate and pupil variation are measured too. The FAST system has the capability to monitor physiological and behavioral cues without contact. That means capturing data like the heart rate and steadiness of gaze of passengers about to board a plane. The cues are then run through algorithms in real-time to compute the probability that an individual is planning to commit a crime.

FAST is currently under testing by DHS and has been described in press reports as a “precrime” program. If implemented, FAST will purportedly rely upon complex statistical algorithms that can aggregate data from multiple databases in an attempt to “predict” future criminal or terrorist acts, most likely through stealth cybersurveillance and covert data monitoring of ordinary citizens.
Documents released by DHS indicate that individuals could be arrested and face other serious consequences based upon statistical algorithms and predictive analytical assessments. Specifically, projected consequences of FAST ‘can range from none to being temporarily detained to deportation, prison, or death.’

Although DHS has publicly suggested that FAST could be used at airport checkpoints–the Transportation Security Administration is part of the department, after all–the government appears to have grander ambitions. One internal DHS document (PDF) also obtained by EPIC through the Freedom of Information Act says a mobile version of FAST “could be used at security checkpoints such as border crossings or at large public events such as sporting events or conventions.”

According to D.H.S. The FAST program is entirely voluntary and does not store any personally-identifiable information (PII) from participants once the experiment is completed. But once deployed in the wider public,how “voluntary” will it really be? will it be as “voluntary” as refusing a pat down, or now a pre-crime scan, thus now making you an immediate suspect,regardless of wether or not you have ill intent.

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