Project Blue Beam: Govt Researched Hologram Projections of God As A Mass Psyop


The original claims about Project Blue Beam had much more wider reaching goals,and deep connections to paranormal/occult phenomena. Which may make it seem ridiculous,and not credible. But if you do any deeper research, you can find that the technologies mentioned were in development at the time. So if it were successfully tested than,for Psychological warfare purposes these technologies could at these point be even more advanced and useful in Psyop’s

Some people have claimed that Project Blue Beam — a government conspiracy to attempt to instill a New World Order by making the masses believe in a technologically simulated second coming of Christ was completely made up and has no real basis in reality.

Though it may sound incredible,and you would be inclined to believe this weren’t real, unfortunate it is.

A Washington Post article written in 1999 entitled, “When Seeing and Hearing Isn’t Believing”, dicussing psychological operations, or psyops. When they started talking about projecting holograms of Allah over Iraq, they weren’t joking around.

What if the U.S. projected a holographic image of Allah floating over Baghdad urging the Iraqi people and Army to rise up against Saddam, a senior Air Force officer asked in 1990? According to a military physicists given the task of looking into the hologram idea, the feasibility had been established of projecting large, three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air.They came to the conclusion it would require too much hardware (a one-mile square mirror in space, for one) and too much power to be feasible in during Operation Desert Storm.

However, The Gulf War hologram story might be dismissed were it not the case that Washington post has learned that a super secret program was established in 1994 to pursue the very technology for PSYOPS application. The “Holographic Projector” is described in a classified Air Force document as a system to “project information power from space … for special operations deception missions.”

One aspect one of what Los Alamos National Laboratory developed had to do with voice cloning.The technology could take a 10-minute digital clip of anyone’s voice and, in near real-time, the speech patterns could be cloned to create a convincing fake of the person… a fake that could be made to say anything they wanted it to and it would sound real.

It’s important to consider again that this all went down in the ’90s. Which is two decades ago now, Who knows how advanced this technology is today and what other technologies it has been combined with.

Voice-to-skull (otherwise known as V2K) technology is also not new. See patent 4,877,027, published on Halloween 1989, for a “hearing system” wherein “Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform.” In recent years, there have been a large number of highly publicized crimes where people were apparently driven mad, making what were touted in the media as outrageous claims that they were suddenly hearing other voice in their heads.

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