US Blacklists Chinese Biotech Groups For DNA Collection Technology & Mass Surveillance

Original article via: Zerohedge

The Biden administration announced it has placed China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences along with 11 other institutes involved in biotechnology on an export blacklist for their involvement in assisting the Communist government’s oppression and surveillance of its Muslim Uighur population.

Among other things the companies’ advanced technology is used for DNA collection as a key social control measure in the Xinjiang region, as part of efforts to use genetic technology to further mass surveillance capabilities. Further the Treasury Department was cited as saying the “action highlights how private firms in China’s defense and surveillance technology sectors are actively cooperating with the government’s efforts to persecute ethnic minorities.”

Included in the blacklist of entities that US firms can no longer invest in are commercial drone-making giant DJI Technology Co. and government linked facial-recognition technology development companies. It follows on the heels of prior sanctions days ago, most notably against the large facial recognition company SenseTime.

Additionally making the list are the facial recognition software start-up company Megvii, as well as Dawning Information Industry, which provides supercomputer-based cloud-computing services in Xinjiang. Commerce and Treasury’s growing list of banned Chinese military-industrial complex companies will by the end of this week reach almost 70.

Years ago, The Wall Street Journal and others began investigating Beijing’s attempts to build the world’s largest ever DNA security database, which could ensnare the “innocent and guilty alike”

Nationwide, police have a goal of almost doubling China’s current DNA trove to 100 million records by 2020, according to a Wall Street Journal examination of documents from police departments across China. “To get there, they need to gather almost as many records each year as are in the entire national database the U.S. has built over two decades.”

China Does not stand alone in DNA surveillance

In the U.S. DNA collection and profiling are quickly becoming cheaper, faster, easier, and more prevalent in society. Federal laws and regulations and an increasing number of state laws now require law enforcement to collect DNA from all people arrested for a crime—whether or not they are ever convicted. Federal and state DNA databanks have expanded exponentially over the last several years. The FBI’s federal CODIS DNA database now contains over 11.4 million DNA profiles.

The U.S. Justice Department recently amended the DNA Fingerprint Act of 2005 that cleared the way for DNA collection from detained immigrants, including asylum seekers whose status hasn’t yet been resolved. DNA collections from detained immigrants were ostensibly in the interest of “national security”, with results being stored in the federal DNA database for criminals (CODIS),while CODIS has strict regulations, it has expanded dramatically since its inception in 1990.

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