Tipping the Balance of Power: How to really change the world (It’s easier than you think)

By Tony Cartalucci

Democracy is a Form of Oppression

The modern concept of “democracy” is perhaps the most effective form of human oppression ever devised. It has singlehandedly convinced billions of people around the world that if only they cast their vote at each election, struggle behind their favorite politicians and pet political causes, they can change the world. The corporate-financiers of Wall Street and London, and their ever expanding orbit of proxies, client regimes, and co-conspirators have mastered long ago the method of controlling both sides of any given political paradigm, ensuring that no matter who you fight for, no matter how hard you fight, you still ultimately contribute to the singular agenda as determined by the corporate-financier elite. Thus, despite believing you have a “choice” and a “say” in your destiny, you do not. You spend all of your time and energy pursuing a false solution to fixing a system you do not truly understand, against forces you are either vaguely aware of, or entirely oblivious to.

No better can this be illustrated than in American politics where still, many people believe there is some sort of discernible difference between Republicans and Democrats. However, for example, from 2000-2012, we see a singular Western agenda of invading, occupying, dividing, overthrowing, destroying, and installing client regimes across the Arab World and to a lesser extent, across Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. However, within that period, we saw two allegedly ideologically opposed presidents in office.

Under such a system, voting is an exercise in futility – at best to make you content with the chains of your confinement, at worst, providing unwitting approval of your subjugation to corporate-financier domination. To truly manifest a representative government, driven by our own ambitions and our true collective interests, toward a self-determined destiny, we must begin locally, and we must begin with much more than simply casting a ballot.

Identify, Boycott, and Replace

Clearly, the first step is recognizing that corporate-financier interests dominate modern civilization, and through controlled paradigms, maintain domination over all aspects of society through rules and regulations, laws, and law enforcement.

We must identify who these corporate-financier interests actually are, and through what avenues they execute their agenda. Then we must understand the source of power behind their unwarranted influence and aim at undermining and cutting it off. Luckily for us, we ourselves are the source of this unwarranted influence. More specifically, our daily patronage of the global elite’s corporations, institutions, and organizations through the payment of our time, money, and attention grant them nearly inexhaustible wealth, power, and influence. While, say a single Coke or Pepsi, might seem like a very insignificant contribution to this global spanning conglomeration of corporate-financier interests, it is through millions and millions of people on a daily basis, collectively contributing, that results in significant power, wealth, and subsequent influence in the hands of a concentrated elite.
It becomes obvious that to rebalance this equation in our favor, we must stop paying our time, money, and attention to the corporate-financier elite’s corporations, institutions, and organizations. It also quickly becomes obvious that in order to stop paying into these concentrated, centralized conglomerations of power, wealth and influence, we must devise decentralized, local alternatives.

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Ron Paul Veteran’s Rally Blackout: Mainstream Media Still Suffering From Selective Amnesia

A February 20th veterans rally in Washington D.C. for Presidential candidate Ron Paul, initiated and hosted by activist and veteran Adam Kokesh, was completely ignored by the mainstream corporate controlled media yesterday in what can only be described as a total black-out.

This is not really news in light of the fact that this type of treatment of Ron Paul has been ongoing;

1.his debate time has been limited and the questions either ‘stacked’ in favor of the other GOP contenders or irrelevant altogether to Ron Paul’s central issues (end illegal wars, end the Federal Reserve, abolish the IRS, restore the Constitution)
2.his access to TV has been limited and when he is a guest of a show it appears more akin to a guerrilla ambush than an interview
3.his character has been attacked in a corporate media smear campaign
4.the GOP primary elections have been riddled with corruption and fraud
The rally included active duty soldiers as well, even though a leaked email from Joel A. Weger, Senior Attorney at the Office of the Assistant General Counsel in the Department of the Navy instructed:

“You may wish to advise your command regarding this particular event because of the apparent solicitation of active duty personnel”.

The column of soldiers, marching in formation and chanting phrases such as “End the Fed” and “President Paul”, came to a halt with backs turned to the White House in what is being described as a display of no confidence in the Obama administration.
A period of 8 minutes of silence, each second representing a veteran’s suicide, followed by a 21 minute prayer, where each second stood for a fallen soldier-all since Obama has taken office-were observed.