C.I.A Heart Attack Gun: Convenient tool for Assasination

this story is well over 30 years old, but relevent in showing that a secret national security state exists and is able and willing to disppose of political dissidents and witnesses to crimes of the state.

In 1975 this formerly secret CIA weapon was declassified. The information about this weapon comes from U.S. Senate testimony in 1975 relating to rogue activities of the CIA. This video shows actual Congressional testimony explaining how the Heart Attack Gun works. The Heart Attack Gun shoots a small poison dart that is made of ice. The poison causes a heart attack. Then the dart melts and the poison denatures so there is nothing that shows up in autopsy.

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US Gov’t Ran Chemical Experiments on Military Veterans MKUltra/ Bluebird and Artichoke

*I love how this guy opens this article, really makes me chuckle. kind of softens you up and tries to induce cognitive dissonance in the reader, by presenting you with two contradictory views of America, and how things “operate” here.*

By J. D. Heyes

The United States, for its warts, has achieved much in its short 230-plus year history. It is a benevolent world superpower, for the most part, that serves as a beacon of hope and freedom for an increasingly oppressed world, even as it serves as a guardian against tyranny for as many as half of the world’s nearly seven billion people.

But a few chapters in our history – slavery, oppression of the Native American tribes, causes of the civil rights movement, and moments of unconstitutionality on the part of our elected leaders – serve as more than simple blemishes on an otherwise admirable record of defending liberty and freedom. One such stain is the way we’ve treated some of our nation’s military veterans.

The maltreatment is summed up in a recent federal case. In late July, a group of veterans managed to win a court order forcing the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to hand over a trove of documents detailing the department’s alleged Cold War-era drug experiments on Vietnam vets.Details of this sad episode in our history were contained in a 2009 class action suit. Filed by the Vietnam Veterans of America and individual soldiers, the suit charges the U.S. Army and the Central Intelligence Agency, with the help of former Nazi scientists, of using at least 7,800 vets as guinea pigs to test the effects of as many as 400 different types of drugs and chemicals. They included mescaline (psychedelic alkaloid), LSD (psychedelic drug), amphetamines, barbiturates, nerve agents and mustard gas.

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MK Ultra Secret Mind Control & Brain Washing Experiments

In 1979, just two years after U.S. Senate hearings revealed disturbing information about a secret government mind control program code-named Project MKULTRA, this one-hour documentary covering some of the clandestine, illegal activities involved in this mind control project was released.

Though the CIA denies that the mind control techniques developed in their secretive projects were successful, an abundance of evidence in this film and elsewhere suggests otherwise.

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