Las Vegas Shooting: More questions than (official) answers

Authored/Edited- RS Hart

The Las Vegas Mass shooting of October 1st 2017 has at this point fallen off the radar of mainstream news. In the event’s wake there are more questions than officially sanctioned answers, with more than a few anomalies that the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge. In the weeks and months following the shooting, the official narrative of what had happened had changed a total of 3 times. And now the official story of a lone gunman is in dispute even according to the mainstream news own reporting

So to keep up to snuff on the official story it goes something like this:
On the night of October 1, 2017, at 10:05 p.m. Stephen Paddock (1 man) armed with At least 23 firearms,began shooting at the crowd of the Route 91 Harvest music festival firing more than 1,100 rounds from his suite on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel. The shooting itself lasting 15 minutes,with the total time of the event lasting over an hour,until he was found dead of a self inflicted gun shot wound in his hotel room. In the end 58 people are killed and 851 injured.

So pretty simple right? Another crazed mass shooter opens fire, People are dead, it’s another unforseen tragedy in recent American history. Here’s where it a gets a little tricky, despite the official narrative of Stephen paddock being the lone shooter, were also told that he had planned this out on more than one occasion. And being that he was such a meticulous planner this is carried out by him alone with no assistance. Paddock had checked into the hotel September 25th, giving him 7 days to prep and plan and to move an arsenal of weapons and cache of surveillance equipment into the hotel. Meanwhile not one staff member of the hotel reported anything suspicious or noticed a lone senior citizen moving an arsenal of weaponry into his hotel room and drilling in to the walls and door installing security cameras.

The Revised Timeline (A.K.A The shooting before the shooting)

So here’s where the official story (continues) to get a little screwy. Prior to the actual shooting,hotel “security gaurd” Jesus campos is sent to the 32nd floor to investigate an open-door alarm. Upon his arrival at the 32nd floor and finding a barred door Campos gained access to the 32nd floor. When Stephen paddock saw him approaching, Paddock came out of a room and fired over 200 rounds of shots at the security gaurd. Miraculously hitting him 1 time in the leg (A 1 in 200 chance) The final revised timeline of the shooting as per LVMPD goes as such:

So in the official 5 minute time frame between an all out barrage of bullets being fired inside the hotel room,up until when the shooter began firing at the crowd nobody thought to call 911? Well that’s been confirmed,yet no one in the mainstream media will question why?

In total it took police 72 minutes to fully respond,and to find the source of the shooting and to assemble a force to enter the room. Yet workers inside the hotel,including Jesus campos himself confirmed via radio that it was on the 32nd floor.

Maintenance radioed a hotel dispatcher, telling her to take action.

“Call the police, someone’s firing a gun up here. Someone’s firing a rifle on the 32nd floor down the hallway.”

Here’s Jesus campos audio report of “shots fired. Does this sound like someone who just faced a hail of bullets and was shot in the leg?

Seems a little odd doesn’t it?

So who is (Was?) Jesus Campos? (Spooked, or spook?)

If you’re one to believe the official story like a majority of Americans being lied to by the mainstream news, Jesus campos is a hero, who took a bullet (literally) to help get people out of the Hotel as the shooting was happpening. But a little investigation turns up some odd facts about Mr Campos, not to mention his own odd behavior in the wake of the massacre.

Jesus campos is reported to be a Security gaurd in the employment of MGM. Yet upon inquiry his name does not appear on a public state list of registered security gaurds. Every security guard in the state of Nevada has to register as an armed or unarmed guard with the state’s Private Investigator’s Licensing Board (PILB).

There is no Jesus Campos licensed with the PILB.

Jesus Campos Name also did not appear in a search of MGM resorts international employee” workday” log. Workday is the official database used by MGM to keep track of employee profiles, and lists workers by the beginning letter of their first name.

In the same night after the Shooting, Campos is reported to have visited a UMC urgent care center to receive care for his wounded leg. Yet according to a spokesperson at the UMC Quick Care,they had “heard nothing” about Campos visiting them.

Odd no? Obviously campos was treated for a high powered rifle slug to the leg somewhere, yet nobody can say where?

Or was this a confabulation? As per the official LVMPD report of the shooting, the extent of Campos injury is quoted as a wound from a BB/Pellet gun. Jesus campos claims that he escaped “rapid gun fire” yet released footage of Campos after the incident show’s him ambulatory with no visible injuries to the leg

So what are we supposed to believe here? Campos conflicting accounts,or the obvious evidence before our eyes? Is Jesus campos story disinformation/misinformation? Is Jesus campos an actor playing a scripted role? if his story can fall apart under scrutiny,how is it the constantly revised timeline of events of the shooting are to be taken as a literal truth?

Multiple Shooters At The Event?

While the established official narrative is that Stephen Paddock was the lone shooter, what is to be made of conflicting reports from witnesses of multiple shooters? Was this simply part of the initial confusion of the event? Is this all just a case of misreporting by witnesses?

Witness and shooting victim Rocky Palermo surmised the possibility of multiple shooters.

“Palermo strongly believes there were between 3-5 active shooters during the attack because as he ran away from the initial gunfire, he describes bullets not only raining down, but flying horizontally at the crowd”.”Palermo says he relayed his theory to the FBI during an interview while being discharged from the hospital, but has not heard any follow up since”.

Among social media posts of witnesses of the incident there were multiple reports of multiple shooters in multiple locations,including the Ceasers palace casino, New york,New york,The Belagio and Tropicana. This could be attributed to the initial confusion of the event,But even law enforcement teams initially believed that there were multiple shooters.  Since the shooting no concrete(officially recognized) evidence has emerged of multiple shooters.

The Strobe Light Anomaly.
Video footage of a strobe light flashing on the 4th floor during the time of the event had lead some to claim that this was muzzle flashes from other shooters on other floors. But it has been demonstrated that the strobe light was seen in footage before and after the event. Yet the question has to be asked,WHY was there a strobe light flashing on the same side of the hotel where the gunfire was coming from? Was this a diversion tactic? Was this placed there to perpetrate a multiple shooters story and then have it discredited as a simple strobe light?

The initial police response had difficulty in tracking the origin of the gunfire, and police officers audio even reported seeing the strobe light flashing on the 4th floor. Yet beyond this,there is no explanation of the strobe light,was it a local alarm? Was the strobe light placed in the window intentionally to distract police and investigators? or was this just a coincide that happened that just so happened on the night of the shooting?

Suspicious events surrounding the Shooting

In the aftermath of the shooting there were more than a few unexplained anomolies surrounding the case. Just days after the shooting,Stephen paddock’s Reno NV home had been broken into while under FBI surveillance. The final report was that the home was broken into,and that nothing had been stolen. Yet there was no explanation as to how,and no suspects were apprehended. Odd that paddock’s home would be targeted,and nothing stolen after the shooting isn’t it? This incident was not commented upon in the final report as well.

Missing Hard Drive?
There were multiple reports that at least one the laptops found in Stephen paddock’s hotel room had a missing hard drive. Was this a deliberate move on the shooters part,or was this covering deeper tracks leading to others possibly involved with Paddock? Was the break in at his home connected to this reported missing hard drive,and covered up by the FBI and other law enforcement. Again there is no mention in the official report of missing hard drives.

E-mail’s for Gun Sales….(To Himslef,as per the FBI)

Revealed in the FBI warrants are E-mail conversations that Paddock had between several e-mail addresses that were registered to him. 3 months prior to the shooting, theses e-mails discuss what is basically a sales pitch for Ar-15 rifles,and rifles with modified bump stocks(which are said to be the same weapons used in the shooting).

the E-mail address is said to belong to Paddock,as well as the address is registered to Stephen Paddock in Mesquite AZ.

So what is going on here? Was Paddock trying to sell himself weapons that he already owned? According to the FBI and police they investigated these e-mails yet saw no interaction between Paddock and others that might be involved in the shooting. While the e-mails don’t specifically lay out any plans between Paddock and others to participate in the shooting,The FBI say’s that there isn’t anything suspicious happening in these communications.

The Botched Paddock Autopsy

Paddock’s official autopsy was released on February 9th 2018, 5 months after the incident and not without legal wrangling and redactions in the final report. With the actual autopsy occuring on October 6th,6 days after what was reported as paddocks death. The official time and date of death being October 2nd 1200(Noon) 1 full day after what was reported as Paddock committing suicide. So how is this possible? Is this erroneous information,yet another example of misreporting? Is this another indicator of incompetence in this case or obvious obfuscation? So now in this case you have at least two main characters in the investigation (County Coroner’s office & County Sheriff’s office) making convoluted and contradictory statements about the shooting.
As per the coroners report Paddock’s death was found to be suicide,via an intraoral gunshot wound of the head. The supposedly leaked photo’s of paddocks dead body,show (Paddock’s?) dead body with a gunshot wound to the head,yet also in this leaked photo there is a suspicious blood spot to the center of the chest. Was this blood spatter from the self inflicted Gunshot wound? or was this a separate gunshot wound to the chest? (not noted in the autopsy) Also Paddock’s body was cremated post mortem,so that eliminates the possibility of a second autopsy or independent investigation of the supposed killers body.

The Unexplained Swat Gunshots

2 weeks after the October 1st incident it was admitted by the LVMPD that an officer had discharged his weapon in Paddock’s hotel suite. As per the press releases “The gun went off after the officers made entry to the room, but the rounds were not fired in the room where Paddock was found dead.” Now try and make sense out of that statement, in other words a weapon was fired and we have no accountability as for why. Once again this is a detail that is missing from the LVMPD final report on the shooting, there is no mention or accountability of this in the report. Why was this gun fired in the Hotel room? where is the ballistics accountability? Can these unexplained gun shots be linked to the unexplained (apparent) wounds on paddock’s chest?

Insider Trading and Foreknowledge of the Event?

Much like the suspicious insider trading prior to 9-11,In the months prior to the event there were stock trades and put options placed against MGM resorts international, which owns the Mandalay Bay. The most notable being MGM CEO James Murren,who dumped 259,760 shares of stock on the 7th of September, 2017,and another 34,390 shares on the 8th for a total value of $10,024,632 and he did so during a time when the value of the stock was apparently rising.The day after the shooting MGM Resorts International stock fell 5.7%. Pretty good Deal for James Murren,not so much for his company.
Murren was’nt the only high profile name to profit from stock trading against MGM. On August 14, 2017, George Soros placed a put call for 1,350,000 shares on MGM Resorts International for a profit of $42,242,000. Overall in the month of September approximately 6 million shares of MGM were sold by officers and/or directors of the company, totaling approximately $200 million in proceeds to sellers. For an in depth detailed report of the MGM profiteers and possible insider stock trading,you can read more at ZeroHedge: Insider Trading and Financial Anomalies Surrounding the Las Vegas Attack

Final conclusions

On the night of October 1st 2017 58 people DID lose their lives and hundreds of others were wounded. Despite what the Disinfo conspiracy theorists claim this was a real criminal event. Could there have been actors involved (Jose Campos?), sure, but there was no fake blood,fake injuries or fake deaths.Anyone trying to sell you differently is trying to lead you down the path of misleading Disinformation. However there are real anomalies in this event,and anomalies in the official investigation. Can it all be chalked up to bungling and corruption? I don’t think so,despite the official pronouncements,there are pieces of evidence that haven’t been explained. The unexplained SWAT gun shots,Paddock’s own surveillance video (apparently of himself and the hallway) has not been released, The mysterious break in at the shooters home,and his communication (obviously with some one else) about gun sales.

There is a much that isn’t known about Paddock himself that remains suspicious.Apparently he was self made (retired) millionaire,yet despite having nothing but opportunity he choose to plan a mass murder and go out in a (self inflicted)blaze of glory. His apparent execution of the event showed nothing but exact planning and forethought,from the selection of the Hotel suite and the conjunction with the concert below.To smuggling weapons and surveillance equipment in without anyone being the wiser. Meanwhile we are led to believe that he was mentally ill lone wolf. this doesn’t sound like the behavior of a retiree with nothing better to do than just plan a mass murder.

And so that’s where the trail ends, much like similar cases with “Lone nut” gunmen, there is a conclusion and no further investigation of additional involvement in such an incredulous event. Will the public ever get a full and accurate accounting of this event? I’d have to say probably not,there is too much below the surface that would most likely damage the reputation of the FBI and LVMPD. The truth will only come out through independent investigation, but at that this point it is next to impossible with key pieces of evidence(Paddock’s body) either missing or obfuscated. I can only hope that there are enough minds out there(Fellow Conspiracy researchers) willing to question the official narrative and dig up links and evidence that will lead to an independent truthful investiagtion.


Public Data to be used by NSA for domestic policing


In the wake of recent public revelations about N.S.A. data collection and domestic spying, the New York Times reports that National Security Agency data will be shared with other intelligence agencies like the FBI without first applying any screens for privacy. What does this rule change mean for you? In short, domestic law enforcement officials now have access to huge amounts of public communications, obtained without warrants, that they can use to put people in jail.

Now Federal agents wont have to need a “national security” related reason to plug your name, email address, phone number, or other “selector” into the NSA’s gargantuan data trove. They can simply poke around in your private information in the course of totally routine investigations. If they find something that suggests, say, involvement in illegal drug activity, they can send that information to local or state police. That means information the NSA collects for purposes of so-called “national security” will be used by police to lock up ordinary Americans for routine crimes.

This basically formalizes what was already happening under the radar. We’ve known for a couple of years now that the D.E.A. and the IRS were getting information from the NSA. Because that information was obtained without a warrant, the agencies were instructed to engage in “parallel construction” when explaining to courts and defense attorneys how the information had been obtained

Until now, N.S.A. analysts have filtered the surveillance information for the rest of the government. They search and evaluate the information and pass only the portions of phone calls or email that they decide is pertinent on to colleagues at the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies. And before doing so, the N.S.A. takes steps to mask the names and any irrelevant information about innocent Americans.
The new system would permit analysts at other intelligence agencies to obtain direct access to raw information from the N.S.A.’s surveillance to evaluate for themselves.

It’s all another sobering reminder that any powers we grant to the federal government for the purpose of national security will inevitably be used just about everywhere else. And extraordinary powers we grant government in wartime rarely go away once the war is over.

Sources: Washington Post, New York Times

Every American Is Now A Terrorist According to The US Government


It’s official, every single American can now be classified as a terrorist by the US government. The label of ‘terrorist’ no longer applies to members of al-Qaeda of ‘extremists’, but the average citizen of this nation.

literally 100% of the population can be classified as a terrorist under the truly outrageous Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI characteristics that define a terrorist or terrorist activity. These broad qualifications of ‘terrorism’ that have spawned a new wave of absolute paranoia within the population regarding their fellow citizens, who the nightly news says may be sleeper cell terrorists.

Simply doing a google search on Pressure cookers, or posting lyrics on Facebook,can now lead to federal investigation and being charged with “Terrorism’

Here are qualifications of a terrorist in the United States under the Department of Homeland Security and FBI guidelines.

‘Terrorists’ Pay With Cash
Have you ever payed with cash instead of a credit card? The FBI, operating alongside the DHS in helping to stop terrorism and detain terrorists, says you are likely a terrorist if you do so often. Under the FBI’s Communities Against Terrorism (CAT) program, using cash instead of debt-inducing credit cards means that you are a terrorist suspect

‘Terrorists’ Care About Privacy

If you’re concerned about the NSA spying on all of your private emails or listening to your intimate phone calls, you are likely a terrorist under FBI guidelines. And don’t even consider voicing concern for your privacy in a public area, which the FBI says is a definite red flag of a terrorist. According to the FBI and Justice Department’s Communities Against Terrorism initiative,being concerned about your privacy might just send you to Guantanamo.

(Because if you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn’t be concerened that every aspect of your life is spied on, It worked for the citizens of Nazi Germany, why not here?)

‘Terrorists’ Know About GMOs

Extremist terrorists most of all are familiar with GMOs and dare to agree that they should be labeled, which 93-96% of the country actually is in favor of. According to a major report out of Germany, this demographic is even targeted by the US military for desiring GMO labeling and all forms of political activism. So just this category alone covers about 96% of the US population alone, leaving around 4% left to be absorbed through other terrorist activities.

Full Story @

FBI Proposal Would Require Websites And Devices To Be Wiretap-Ready


The FBI is asking Internet companies not to oppose a controversial proposal that would require firms, including Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, and Google, to build in backdoors for government surveillance.

In meetings with industry representatives, the White House, and U.S. senators, senior FBI officials argue the dramatic shift in communication from the telephone system to the Internet has made it far more difficult for agents to wiretap Americans suspected of illegal activities.(or to wiretap suspect citizens without a warrant, when ordered by the president)

The FBI general counsel’s office has drafted a proposed law requiring that social-networking Web sites and providers of VoIP, instant messaging, and Web e-mail alter their code to ensure their products are wiretap-friendly.

The FBI’s proposal would amend a 1994 law, called the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, or CALEA, that currently applies only to telecommunications providers, not Web companies.

Via Disinfo

Cnet Article Here

The FBI’s History of Handing “Terror Suspects” Live Explosives


In late September 2011, AFP reported that a man was charged with “planning to fly explosive-packed, remote controlled airplanes into the Pentagon and the Capitol in Washington.” In its report, “US man charged with Pentagon bomb plot,” AFP stated:

During the alleged plot, undercover FBI agents posed as accomplices who supplied Ferdaus with one remote-controlled plane, C4 explosives, and small arms that he allegedly envisioned using in a simultaneous ground assault in Washington.

However, ’’the public was never in danger from the explosive devices, which were controlled by undercover FBI employees,’’ the FBI said.

In November 2010, a similar “plot” was engineered, then “disrupted,” also by the FBI – this time in Portland, Oregon. The so-called “Christmas Tree Bomber” attempted to remote detonate a van he believed was filled with explosives, provided by the FBI, before being arrested during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Pioneer Courthhouse Square. The FBI’s official statement regarding the incident revealed that FBI agents had handled, even detonated live explosives with the entrapped suspect at Lincoln County Park in the lead up to the final failed bombing.

Has the FBI ever presided over “sting operations” that were actually carried out? The answer is yes. The FBI in fact was presiding over the terrorists who carried out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The role of the FBI leading up to the deadly attack would most likely have gone unreported had an FBI informant not taped his conversations with FBI agents after growing suspicious during the uncover operation.

The frightening trend of the FBI cultivating otherwise incapable “terror” suspects, providing them with and detonating real explosives, before giving them inert or controlled devices to carry out attacks on public targets where mass casualties are averted only at the last possible moment, sets the stage for at the very least, incredible potential for catastrophic blunders, and at worst, false flag attacks.

Original Article Here

The FBI Has Program That Scans Emails For 3,000 Suspicious Phrases

The FBI has developed new software that scans e-mails for buzz words and phrases that indicate the sender (and receiver) or said mail are up to no good, the FT reports. There are over 3,000 words and phrases that would raise a red flag in the program.

Linguistic analysis software, which initially protects employee anonymity, can flag uncharacteristic changes in tone and language in electronic conversations and can also be tailored for particular types of employees.

This article is presented in the light of the FBI being involveded in investigations into corporate wrongdoing and Cyber-crime. But with a Nationwide Surveillance system being put into place, and the fact that the FBI is actively spying on citizens and protest groups, this should get you to think twice about the potential capabilities of this being used as a surveillance asset.

Source: Red Ice Creations

Original Article

FBI stages more patsies in fake Terror plots

Nothing new under the sun, in the fake “war on terrorism”. Now I know why DHS has never stopped a terrorist plot, because the FBI is staging them all and taking all the credit

NEW YORK CITY, NY — The FBI has saved us from another terror attack which they themselves planned, funded, and set up. The Feds have repeatedly set up these false-flag attacks to keep the public scared of terrorists and to justify their o…wn existence. After hearing about enough of these scary stories, getting groped by federal agents doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Interesting that the FBI chose the Federal Reserve, of all targets. This way they can achieve victim status and those who oppose it can be lumped in with the fake terrorist.

Via- Police State USA