Iris Scan = Shorter Wait In Airport Security Line

Oh how convenient… Honey let’s sign up the whole family, even the dog for biometric RFID microchipping, so we have extra time to catch up on our favorite socially engineered distractions. and who knows.. we might have to time to gulp down a genetically modified, steroid laden, Mcdonald’s beef patty too.

It sounds like something out of the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, but if you’re willing to pay a fee and get your iris scanned, you can jump to the front of the security line at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. A company called CLEAR is offering the option to subscribers. After detailed verification, a member is issued an encrypted identity card that offers security gate privileges at participating airports.

“So when you enroll we authenticate your driver’s license and your passport,” CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker explained. “We then gather your fingerprints, your iris images and your photo; building that impermeable link between your identity and your biometrics.” (wonderfull, willing participation in your own surveillance and slavery..genius idea.)

“So the CLEAR process is about ensuring your identity. So once you’ve gone through the process once, as opposed to flipping out your driver’s license every single time, all you have to do is put your card in and your finger down,” Seidman-Becker said.

In 5 years this type of technology will be standard practice. we’ll just have another major “terrorist” incident on an airline, and this technology will be standard “security” practice. in fact it will probably go beyond that, into facial scanning and RFID Microchipping , just to get on a plane.