ARGUS drone spots you from 20,000 feet


Paranoid delusions about black helicopters hovering over an area will soon be out of date: The latest scary spy apparatus lives 20,000 feet up, turning 30 or more square miles into live video sharp enough to spot individual people walking around.

The ARGUS-IS array can be mounted on unmanned drones to capture an area of 15 sq/miles in an incredible 1,800MP – that’s 225 times more sensitive than an iPhone camera.

From 17,500ft the remarkable surveillance system can capture objects as small as 6in on the ground and allows commanders to track movements across an entire battlefield in real time.

An airborne processor combines the video from these chips to create a single ultra-high definition mosaic video image which updates at up to 15 frames a second.That tremendous level of detail makes it sensitive enough to not only track people moving around on the ground thousands of feet below, but even to see what they are doing or carrying.

The system is called ARGUS, after the 100-eyed god of Greek myth, and fittingly, it works by hooking together hundreds of inexpensive image sensors.

*The symbology or Symbol logic of this drone as well as the “bionic eye” is pretty disturbing, Argus in mythology was a greek Titan (Annunaki giant?) with a hundred eye’s, known as “Argus Panoptes” = All Seeing, (All seeing Eye), and then there is also the conception of the Panopticon (Panoptes) A giant prison in which every prisoner is watched continuously. So now we live in a world resembling a Giant Prison, watched by “All Seeing Eye’s”*

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