Military Suicides Pass Combat Casualties in 2012

So much for the “good guy’s” winning the valiant war of Terror, Uh I mean ON Terror. Because our military would never be as evil as those scary “Terrerists”. They would never kill innocent people for any reason whatsoever. When Soldiers would rather kill themselves than be forced to kill others for this country, that should tell you something wrong is going on over there

In 2012 alone, the number of suicides among active duty military personnel is higher than the casualty rate of the war being fought in Afghanistan. Shockingly, from the beginning of January 2012 to the month of September, suicidal death counts exceed wartime deaths.

Overall there have been 247 alleged suicides in 2012, however only 158 are officially confirmed and 89 remain under analysis. Besides suicides, according to the Brookings Institute, 222 soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan this year as of Sept. 28th; obviously creating a difference of 25 deaths, which leave many Americans stunned.Specifically in September, the U.S. Army confirmed 15 suicides, just about the same number as August’s results with 16. July had one of the highest suicidal rates with 26 deaths, almost one suicide per day.

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